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How To Track Phones Tips & Tricks

There is no doubt that mobile phones have become game changers as far as communication between individuals and entities is concerned. It certainly has brought the world much closer and has removed the barriers of time, distance, and geographical boundaries.

There are hardly any individuals, who do not have mobile phones. It has literally transformed the way in which businesses are done and information is exchanged.

Apart from the utility factors for the end users, there are some more reasons as to why it makes sense to use mobile phones.

We will look at one such reason why mobile phones could be considered very useful.

Why Cell Phone Tracking Might Be Needed?

Though many people might talk about privacy and other related issues, there could be situations where there would be a need to track a mobile phone.

It could be for the purpose of tracking the movement of children, adolescents and teenagers.

Further, it also could be to trace out loan defaulters and others who might have committed civil or criminal crimes.

Phone Tracking

Apart from the above, there are a few more situations where it could be necessary.

Law enforcing authorities, those who are spying on people for various reasons, and other such end users certainly will find these tracking devices quite useful.

Therefore, there is no denying the fact that Hence, it would be interesting if one could find the right answer to the question of how to track phones.

What Are The Cell Phone Tracking Methods?

Though there are many call track options and methods available, we will be looking at the three major options that are commonly used.

Though the main objectives of the three options are the same, they work in slightly different ways. We will be basically looking at

  • Offline call tracking.
  • Call tracking with DNI
  • DNI with dynamic number pools
  • Using mobile apps for tracking

Let us try and discuss each of the above options in some detail.

Offline Call Tracking

This is one of the most common methods that could answer the question of how to track phones.

This is basically an offline marketing method that is used to track mobile phone.

A few obvious examples are magazine ads, landing pages, billboards, and flyers. Whenever a person calls the tracking number, the same is forwarded to the destination number.

How to find offline call tracking

This enables the service providers to report various details such as caller ID, Zip Code, call duration, state, location, etc.

There is also a facility to record the calls as and when needed.

At the end of the day, a report can be generated and this will show how many calls were received in each of the tracking numbers.

Call tracking with DNI

You could also interpolate this technology with DNI or Dynamic Number Insertion.

This is a technology where the service provider automatically swaps the phone number that is displayed on the website with that of a tracking number. The service provider then tracks the destination of the persons who visit websites.

Once this has been established, the tracking number is swapped with the original telephone number.

There are some obvious advantages as far as this form of phone tracking is concerned and it is being used by many sales and marketing organizations.

DNI With Dynamic Number Pools

This is perhaps one of the most efficient ways of answering how to track phones. This method creates a large pool of telephone numbers and the same can be swapped out. This is done based on the unique user sessions.

How to Track A Lost iPhone

When the user visits a website, the tracking number is extracted from the pool of numbers that are displayed on the website.

As and when the calls are made the marketing data and other details are captured by the service provider.

How To Track A Lost iPhone

The answer to the question of how to track phones could also come in handy when you have lost an expensive iPhone 5 or other models.

We are sharing a few ways by which such phone tracking devices could be useful in finding out missed iPhones.Track A Lost iPhone

Here are a few simple steps that could help you


  1. You should open the find iPhone from another device. You can do so by launching your app on a cloud-based web browser
  2. You can now sign in with your Apple ID with the user id and password. You will be guided to your inbox for help.
  3. Here you will be able to find your device and also the location on the map. However, if your phone is dead or the battery is down, the last known location will be displayed.
  4. You also have the play sound option and this will help you to locate your phone if it is near you.
  5. You also can use the lost phone option and through a series of steps, you can lock the phone. You have to use an unlock code. It could be any random number that is not attached to your SSN. Stay away from personal details. If your phone is one, it will immediately lock and can be reset only with the unlock code. The phone owner will also be able to see the current location of the phone and also any future changes in the location. If the phone is switched off, it will immediately lock up once it is powered on. You also will receive an email stating the exact location of the iPhone.
  6. It would always be advisable to back up your iPhone to iCloud because it will help quite a bit in restoring erased data.

We are sure that the above will go a long way in ensuring that you have a decent chance of getting back your lost iPhone.

Using mobile apps for tracking

The capabilities of modern phones allow you to quite accurately determine the location of your phone.

For tracking, you can use special programs that are designed to quickly find your phone. As a rule, in such programs, developers have provided a rich functionality of functions that will help you quickly find your device.

We can recommend the following tested programs for installation on your phone:

mobile apps for tracking

Hoverwatch is a mobile tracker that helps you instantly find your device. The functionality of the application will be useful to parents to control their children. Works on all devices except iPhone.

Try Hoverwatch now

FlexiSpy – a program for tracking the location of the phone in real-time. Developers support all mobile devices. It is in an affordable price range.

spyware for iPhone FlexiSPY

Test FlexiSpy

Mspy – a program of similar functionality, will help to find out about the current location of your phone. Works on all devices. At a price more expensive than the previous program.

mSpy - mobile spyware.


We are sure that the above will certainly be useful for all those who are looking for the right answer to the question of how to track phones.

It could be use for marketing and sales purposes, for investigative and other follow up purpose and as mentioned above, also for tracking down lost mobile phone.

The technology pertaining to tracking phones is changing quite dramatically and therefore the onus lies on the end users to be aware of the same and be updated with the latest changes.

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