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In this post, we’ll be taking at the spy app that I think is the best, overall, at getting the job done. Sometimes you wish there was a way to perform SMS Tracking efficiently.

It shouldn’t be too hard – you’ve seen lots of apps out there that claim to do it.

But now that you’re serious about it, you want a program that works. That happens to everyone that has even only a drop of concern for their protection.

Yet they find the answer. It may take them hours and hours of installing bogus SMS Tracker software before they finally find one that works as described.

The problem:

Finding a good SMS Tracking program is hard.

Even when I first went out searching for one, it was difficult to know which programs were real, and which were just scams trying to get my money.

After installing the program on my phone to test, the phone would have visible notifications, battery life, problems, and worse.

The underlying cause of the problem:

A significant reason why it’s so hard to find a proper SMS Tracker application is because of how easy it is for some random Joe to tent up a website (that they most likely ripped from another site) promising the world.

When in fact, you purchase the software, often time’s you won’t even be sent a confirmation email, let alone the software.

Then – at least from my experience, when you try to get a refund, POOF! The site has disappeared.

The solution:

The solution is pretty simple.

I’ve found and tested almost all SMS Tracker apps. I’ve actually done the research. So take the suggestions that I’m going to present soon.

That’s all you need to do, pick one of the suggestions that I’m about to give ya, and you will be safe!

My Favorite SMS Tracker App

FlexiSPY IS, without a doubt, the best spy app out there, period.

It’s been around since 2005 and is the company that invented the spy phone.

But I will admit that it did take me a long, long time to finally try FlexiSPY.

Why? Because at the time it was so damn expensive.

Back when I am first starting testing SMS Tracker software, this company was selling the PREMIUM version of its software for around $350 USD. Now the price starts at $30.

FlexiSPY – all-time favorite SMS Tracker app

Now compare this to the average price of the spy apps out there, (around $50 – USD 70)

But I’ll tell you what.

After getting just really, really tired of software that didn’t work, I finally shelled out the money for FlexiSPY.

And from that moment, I was hooked.

I don’t know the cause of FlexiSPY making software that’s so much better than their competition, but I see the result, error-free SMS Tracker – and more – that gets the job done.

screenshot of the FlexiSPY homepage

For example, one of my biggest headaches before buying FlexiSPY was that with other software, I would often get SMS alert’s on the phone I was testing, with weird Alien-esque code.

That would have created significant suspicions if you were trying to be discreet about spying.

But once I installed FlexiSPY, none of these problems occurred ever again. I was given the option to keep make the icon visible, OR hidden.

It didn’t kill my battery as the other spy apps had done, it didn’t create a huge data drain that was a comfortable spot on my monthly phone bill as had happened before, AND -perhaps my favorite thing – was that FlexiSPY was and still is an auto-updatable app.

This sets it apart from other spy apps out there.

didn’t need to manually take the phone in hand, uninstall the program, lose all my data, type in the painful URL, download the app, reinstall, and do the setup.

FlexiSPY has made this so damn easy. There’s literally a button on your dashboard that flashes a bit whenever there’s an update to the software available.

You left-click on the flashing icon, then press the confirm button, and within an hour, the software will be compatible and up to date.

Your data will still be there, nothing gone, and everything will be running smoothly.

Having this auto-update feature is especially important in the SMS Tracker world.


Because of the apps that you want to track, update all the friggin time! As well as the phone that it’s installed on.

So, let’s say the Facebook app that you’re monitoring goes and decides to update itself.

You’re temporarily not going to be able to view any more Facebook logs that are going on, on your phone because the spy app can no longer track them. It’s just not compatible

So then, you have to wait… and wait.. and then after you’re done waiting a bit more (1-2 weeks) your sub-par spy app will finally again be compatible with the Facebook app.

But then, you still have to get the phone in your hand, you still have to uninstall, you still have to reinstall, and oh yeah, your logs are gone.

FlexiSpy sms tracker review

All that data that you had captured, the whole purpose for tracking SMS in the first place, to get the evidence, woosh, out the door.

FlexiSPY is currently the only spy phone software that can update without having to reaccess the target phone, this is probably my main reason for so whole-heartedly backing it.

Of course, as I mentioned, Tracking SMS is at the lowest level of what FlexiSPY can accomplish.

There are so many advanced tech and features packed into this program that I can’t even begin to count. But I’ll tell you a few of my favorites.

My favorite things that FlexiSPY can do

IM Monitoring

FlexiSPY can currently monitor 13 messaging applications.

Between Facebook Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter Messages, and more.

It really is the most powerful when it comes to all-around IM monitoring. Their competition doesn’t even come close.

Call Recording

Another FlexiSPY-only feature, with call recording, you can set monitor numbers that you are suspicious of, and record them when the target’s phone connects to one of those monitored numbers.

So, for example, say that number 904-299-0122 has sent some SMS messages to the person you’re spying on, and these SMS messages show flirtatious texts or even worse.

You’re going to want to keep tabs on what they’re saying ear to ear.

So, you just input that number into FlexiSPY’s monitored number list, and the next time that phone number calls their phone, or their phone calls that phone number, a recording will start.

Then, when the call ends, the tape will stop recording.

From then, you can look at your dashboard and see the recording.

Just plug in your favorite headphones, press the play button, and that’s all there is to it.

You’re now listening in on their recorded phone calls. You’re even able to download the recorded phone calls for filing purposes.

GPS Tracking

Most good spy apps will have a GPS tracking feature. FlexiSPY is not different.

They have an intelligent GPS tracking mechanism that doesn’t drain the battery life as it does with most other apps.

One cool thing that I like about their GPS tracking feature is the ability to take the recorded GPS data and export it into a program like google maps.

By doing this, you’re able to drive the same route and get 100% of the same directions that they did on their way.

You’re also able to see how long they stayed at one location, which can be invaluable for determining if they were up to anything evil or not.

Ambient Recording

Once again, FlexiSPY owns the SMS Tracker app market by offering things that others can’t.

Namely, ambient recording.

This ambient recording feature that their developers have conjured up lets you remotely and secretly turn on their phone’s microphone, and record what’s going on.

So say you know from their GPS coordinates that they are in a house that you’re unfamiliar with.sms tracker review

You want to know what’s going on inside, but what can you do? Easy.

Just log in to your FlexiSPY dashboard, go to the Ambient Recording section, and turn it on.

Their phone will secretly turn on and will record the noises of whatever is happening inside – just be prepared for what you hear, thoughtfully.

– You can then take the Ambient Recording and download it if you want a hard copy for safekeeping.

You can even schedule Ambient Recordings, which is pretty bad-ass if you’re doing detective-type work.

Remote Camera Activation

So, you now know where they are, and what they’re saying, but how can you know what they are doing? Not a problem with FlexiSPY’s Rem Cam feature.

I tested this thing out, and it worked like a charm.

No sounds, flashes, or any signs that the camera was just turned on took place.

You just tap the conveniently placed Remote Camera icon (which looks like a yellow camera) and boom!

Their phone will start secretly taking photos and uploading them to the dashboard.

You can also specify which camera you’d like to be activated, so that, in theory, you’re doubling your chances of capturing what’s going on.

I hope that through this article, you’ve learned a bit more about SMS Tracking.

In this post, I went through the problems plaguing a lot of people trying to Track SMS messages, as well as the solutions to these problems.

In conclusion

I’ll say that my #1 advice that I can give to anyone that is wanting to monitor someone’s phone secretly is to shell out the extra money to make sure that it’s the right product.

If you pay a half-assed amount of money, you’re going to get a half-assed program.


You can check out all the features of my favorite SMS Tracker app through the link below.


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