The Truth Spy Complete Review. How, Why and What For

The Truth Spy Review Reviews

truth spy what is itThis the Truth Spy Review will give you a good idea of why the app has become so popular in the last few years. The software app is used to monitor other’s mobile phones in the stealth mode from a distance.

The app keeps working in the background. Employers or parents consider this app very useful in remotely monitoring the mobile activities of their employees or kids.

The truth spy review – how it works

As soon as you have installed the app on a particular device, it will maintain a log of all calls, messages via SMS or whatsapp, browser activities, and the GPS position of the mobile at any given time.

To spy on any mobile you don’t have to be within a specific range to have connectivity and receive spying data. This is because the information you get is routed via the web browser irrespective of whether you are using a either Mac, Windows, Android or iOS device.

The Truth Spy on phone

The thruth spy review – key features

The Truth Spy app has many indispensable and amazing features. They include:

Tracking browsing activities – this feature is very useful for parents. They can check the URL of the websites that their kids are visiting.

Instant notifications –TheTruthSpy app on the remote mobile will give you
immediate notifications as soon as the owner of the mobile indulges in a
particular activity.

Safeguarding confidential data – a company’s PowerPoint
presentations, product videos, videos of meetings, etc. are sensitive
information. If a media file is shared by an employee, it could mean loss of
business for your company. The spy app also tracks and notifies when your kids
are watching inappropriate multimedia content.

Recording calls – it is impossible to track the calls made by kids or
employees when you are busy. The truth spy app will not only maintain a log of
all calls made or received, but will also record the calls.

Location tracking – The truth spy app also has a GPS system. This will track
the whereabouts of the mobile it is installed on, and will give you the
location in real time.

Tracking messages – Whenever the person whose mobile you are tracking sends or
receives messages, they are logged and the contents recorded. This applies to:

  •   SMS messages
  •   Whatsapp messages

Background sounds – this capability of the spy app tells you the location of
the mobile user you are tracking by the background sounds.

Recording chat sessions – social chatting is a very common activity nowadays,
especially where children are concerned. The spy app will track and records all
chat sessions done through social media platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp,
Instagram, etc.


The thruth spy review – pros and cons

thruth spy pros and cons

TheTruthSpy app has many advantages as we have seen from its capabilities. Some of them are:

  • Safeguarding company interests by monitoring suspicious activities of employees,
  • Monitoring the calls, messages and chats of a spouse if you are suspicious that he/she is cheating,
  • Keeping a close watch on children’s activities so that they do not indulge in harmful pursuits, whether physical or emotional.

The only disadvantage of the app is that these same features can be misused by someone who has undesirable intentions.

The spy app is designed to remotely keep a watch over the mobile activities of the user who you wish to monitor without their knowledge. I am confident that TheTruthSpy review will help you to make fruitful use of its amazing capabilities.

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