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If you are looking for complete and total mobile device management (both Android and IOS), then it is evident that you will find this article interesting and informative.

When you have the right mobile device management available with you, you will be able to manage and secure your Google Android devices, Apple iOS devices, and also various types of Microsoft Windows Devices

That will happen throughout the life cycle of the devices. It will range from start to end or, in other words, from deployment to retirement.

These device managers are unique and versatile.

They can control every aspect of your business mobility that you handle using the various devices at your disposal.

What is MobiControl?

MobiControl mobile device management

These mobile device management technologies can track physical devices such as your employees’ smartphones and tablets.

Additionally, they also will be able to manage content and applications.

Further, they go a long way in enhancing all devices’ safety and security that you may need to use for your business and other requirements.

There are many such apps for managing your mobile phones and other such instruments.

Hence, making the right choice requires having the proper knowledge and information.

The device management tools that you choose should take care of your real needs from start to end and throughout the lifespan of the devices and mobile phones you will use daily.

Among the many options available, many end-users believe that SOTI MobiControl devices could be considered one of the best for many reasons.

Hence, it would be interesting to know more about this mobile control device from SOTI to benefit our readers.

Who Uses SOTI MobiControl?

SOTI MobiControl is a popular, customer-oriented, and complete enterprise mobility management solution.

It has won the confidence and trust of thousands of customers.

It is considered a one-stop solution for those looking to control each aspect of business mobility and ensure the devices’ safety and security and the information shared across them.

Over the years, SOTI has become a market leader. It can manage various special-purpose devices and devices that are rugged and used roughly on a constant and continuous basis.

These solutions are used across various industries, including logistics, healthcare, transportation, field services, and retail. These mobile device management tools help in simplifying things for the end-users.

They help remove the various complexities of managing multiple vendors and different types of operating systems.

It also comes in handy and is extremely useful for multipurpose business mobility programs.

Installation and Device Enrollment

The entire installation process and enrollment of the product to the end-users device are quite simple and can be done within a few minutes.

They have a wide range of enrolment options to offer to the users.

SOTI one platform is considered one of the best options for making IoT business operations and mobile phone integration simpler.

It also makes the whole thing more reliable and smarter. There are also other installation options available, taking into account the clients’ exact needs and requirements.

You can also sign up for a free trial by using the Free Trial button available on the webpage of the product.

You can then go through the process of completing the information system.

Once you are through with this, you will gain access to the various on-premises versions.

These can be installed on a server of your own.

MobiControl for making IoT business

You also could go through a trial version as far as the cloud offering is concerned.

That is given based on specific customer requests.

You can enroll many devices by creating an email that helps the end-users to find out how to install the management agent on their respective devices.

It also has facilities for locking down web browsing as a part of the overall security feature.

That is done by their unique Webroot Secure Web Browser, and this must be downloaded and be available on every device.

Management User Interface

User Interface MobiControl

This feature is available in the latest version of SOTI MobiControl, and it is available in the form of an easy user-interface.

That is a part of a modern design that is device-centric, which goes a long way in enhancing the overall end-user experience.

When you have this Management User Interface available, you can search for a particular device using the various search tools.

The search tool is unique and versatile because you can use it for various compound query statements.

That will help you look for a specific category of devices depending on your specific criteria and requirements.

Top MobiControl Alternatives

Like all products and services, it is quite apparent that there are some alternatives for SOTI MobiControl.

There are many such alternatives, and we are mentioning some of the most popular ones.

They include Mobilelron UEM, AirWatch, IBM Security MaaS360 with Watson, Jamf Pro, to name a few.

Hoverwatch is the best spyware for for Parental Control

Hoverwatch product for testing and quick and hidden installation on the Android device

Hoverwatch is among the most used spyware in the market, with over a million worldwide users.

Like most spyware, all you need to do is install the application on the host device and activate it using a product key.

You will be given the product key once you sign up to the online portal

Once everything is set up, you can begin tracking your host phone’s activities from your online portal.

Some of the things you can track with mSpy include:

  • Social media – track all activities of Facebook, Snapchat, Skype, WhatsApp, and Hangouts
  • All key logs – with its inbuilt keylogger, mSpy allows you to record every keystroke so you can access data from activities that the app cannot record directly
  • Calls and messages  –record all voice calls and SMS messages

It also has parental control features that can be used to block inappropriate websites from opening.

MobiControl Pricing Overview

The great thing about SOTI is that it offers different pricing models as far as their software services are concerned.

These are available based on devices and also based on users.

They can choose the pricing plan depending on their SaaS requirements or cloud-based requirements.

The cloud-based solutions are available at around $4 per month.

On the other hand, if you wish to go in for the on-premises version, you will be charged around $72 every year, and an additional amount of $18 will also be charged for the maintenance.

Pros & Cons MobiControl

There is no doubt that SOTI MobiControl is comparable to almost all the best available products in the market today.
It stands out quite tall when it comes to remote control features.
You will also get support for all sorts of devices, whether running on Windows10 and other test devices.
Complete and total functions based on profile and device management are strict as per rules and protocols.
The best remote control feature for Android.
Configuration of the profile is a problem.
It has to be done with the help of an old user-interface.
Though it does have SAML 2.0 and Azure Active Directory, these also require old user interfaces.

Conclusions and Results

When we consider the above factors into account and look at this mobile device management from close quarters, there are a few obvious things that stand out.

It is incredibly versatile, customer, and user-friendly, apart from offering the best safety and security attributes to those looking for it.

There are flexible pricing plans, and therefore, customers can choose the one that meets their specific needs and requirements.

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