How to Find Out If Your Phone Is Being Tracked or Wiretapped

Phone Is Being Wiretapped Tips & Tricks

If you want to find out that your phone is being tracked or wiretapped then you will have to take some of the careful steps listed here.

Check your phone for spyware

If any spyware is installed on your cell phone then you can easily check its presence without damaging your phone, regardless of its type.

If you have an android phone then you can find suspicious-looking files while managing applications after clicking on Go-to-Settings.

Most of the good spyware use the names of the normal files so that they cannot be recognized separately but they can be identified easily if their quality is poor.

Signs of malware on the device

The presence of malware on your device can be recognized through certain signs. Some of the signs that show the compromise of your device with the malware on your mobile may include:

malware on the device

  • Pop up ads
  • Battery draining at a faster rate
  • Increase in consumption of data
  • Mysterious apps
  • Reduction in performance
  • Inexplicable charges
  • Decline in performance

These and some other signs can help in recognizing the presence of malware n your device.

The phone is being tracked if its battery drains out excessively

If the battery of your phone runs down quickly and excessively then it is a clear sign of the presence of spyware or malware on it.

Some of the apps accompanied by spyware can suddenly change the life of your phone battery as they increase its consumption.

They can reduce the life of your phone battery with the passage of time.

If you see a sudden change in the power backup of your phone then there can be some poor spyware in your phone which are harder to find out in a normal way.

Unwanted Ads and Apps

Some of the apps and ads uploaded on your mobile phone can affect its working.

Sometimes certain apps are preloaded by the company on your mobile phone.

You may or may not use all of them but all of them consume the battery and storage space of your phone.

Similarly, pop-up ads can affect the performance of your mobile phone.

Some of the unwanted ads are downloaded on your phone with some other ads or apps.

If you have such ads and apps on your phone then you can consider that your phone is being tracked.

The temperature of the mobile phone is high

Phone Is Being Tracked

The temperature of your mobile phone can be high due to three reasons, battery, screen, and processor.

The battery emits heat while producing electric energy, the processor produces heat while transferring data at high speed and the screen emits heat through its light.

But if it becomes hot even without using it then it can be due to some unwanted spyware on it.

The phone is being tracked if it leaks secrets

If some of your secrets are leaked then it is an obvious reason that your phone is being tracked.

You might have heard several times that the secrets of forces are intercepted by the hackers.

These hackers keep your communication devices on their tracking software to know your secrets whenever they are talked about through your phone.

Persistent background noise

Sometimes you persistently hear some background noises on your mobile phone while talking with someone.

It can be due to tracking of your phone.

Normally you may not hear such sounds in today’s digital world but if it happens then you cannot deny the possibility of some spyware and tracking of your phone unless you have some problem in your head.

Unknown and unused applications

Sometimes unwanted applications are installed on your mobile phones even without your knowledge.

These applications are normally installed for tracking your moves for the purpose of spying.

Today, mobile phone companies provide preloaded applications which you may never use in your lifetime.

Such applications can also be used by hackers for tracking your phone.

Strange and unpredictable behavior

If you see some unusual changes in the behavior of your phone then it can be suspected that your phone is being tracked.

If it beeps randomly, lights up when not in use, shows some other unusual behavior like automatic shut down, etc on a regular basis then it can be due to the access of some secret software in your phone.

Such strange behaviors can be expected from any phone these days but they should not be consistent or regular.

The phone is being tracked if it receives strange messages or texts

If the messages received by your phone are strange like some symbols or characters of random numbers then there can be spyware working on it.

Such secretly coded texts and messages can be sent to your phone unless some spyware is controlling its features or if the original software is not working properly.

But if it happens on a regular basis then the presence of spyware cannot be denied.

Pay careful attention to your phone bill

If you have certain strange entries in your phone bill then it can be assured that someone is tracking your phone.

How a number can appear on your phone bill if you have not dialed it ever?

Your phone must be used by some hacker.

Unexpectedly high data usage

Sometimes you see a sudden increase in the usage of your data. It can be done only through the use of some unreliable apps which can be spy apps.

The reason for the large use of data in the phone

Some such apps can use an enormous amount of data to send messages or information gathered from your own phone.

So when you notice some unexpected changes in the usage of your data you can be sure about the tracking of your phone.


Thus, if you notice some inexplicable changes in the behavior or working of your mobile phone then you can immediately come to the conclusion that something wrong is happening with it.

It can be tracked or wiretapped by someone without your knowledge.

You can be sure that your phone is being tracked if any or all of the factors discussed above are experienced by you.

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