Top 5 Best Cell Phone Spy Software Reviewed

Best Cell Phone Spy Software

Hey guys, let me welcome you to Top Phone Spy Reviews. I’ve been in the spy industry for over seven years, in that time I’ve tried and tested hundreds of different cell phone spy programs.

To help you choose the top phone spy app for your needs, I have put together a list of the top mobile phone spy tools available on the Internet.

Take a look at each program below and decide which one is right for you.

Top 5 Cell Phone Spy Apps Of this year

There’s quite a bit of garbage out there, and to help you steer clear,

I’ll go over what I have found to be the top mobile phone spying software available right now.

Of course, numerous factors come into play when making my decisions. Things like features, functionality, reliability, and customer feedback to help you make an informed decision.

Every phone spy program listed below is 100% undetectable – the application runs in the background without the user being aware.


(Top Spy Software for iPhone, iPad, and Android)

Hackers use sophisticated methods

FlexiSPY is the best smartphone spy software I’ve tested and therefore is rated number one on my list of top spy software.

FlexiSPY has been in the business of providing cell phone spy software since 2005.

It carries with it the most advanced features available to help you spy on mobile cell phone usage and is accessible on a myriad of mobile platforms, including iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, and Nokia Symbian.

Explore all the features of FlexiSPY (my best choice in this year) by visiting their website.

I like FlexiSPY so much because it’s just so easy to use. Within a few minutes, you’ll have FlexiSPY’s spy app downloaded and installed.

You will be able to begin recording activities such as text messages, phone calls, GPS locations, Facebook, Viber, BBM, iMessages, WhatsApp chats, Skype messages, photos and videos, email, websites visited, and much more.

However, what stands out with FlexiSPY is its EXTREME Version.

FlexiSPY EXTREME adds some very advanced features that the Premium version doesn’t have.

Feature in fact, that no other mobile spy software companies have.

Husband is found cheating her wife

It gives you an even greater ability to spy on a cell phone.

The features I’ve listed below are what I think sets FlexiSPY EXTREME apart from the competition and displays just how powerful this software can be.

Call InterceptThis feature lets you listen in to a live phone call as it happens.
Record Phone CallsRemotely record all phone calls made to or from the target phone. All call recordings are uploaded to your FlexiSPY control panel.
Record SurroundingsThe phone’s surroundings are recorded and uploaded to your control panel as mp3s. You can even listen to it live while it is occurring.
Spy on Passwords (Password Cracker)An industry first. This unique feature allows you to see all passwords entered on the phone. You can easily see the actual passwords they use for social messaging, emails, and applications.
RemCamThis feature allows you to take control of their phone camera remotely to take pictures, which then are uploaded to your account.
Instant GPS LocationsGetting the current GPS location, view the latest locates on a map.
Remotely control the phoneFlexiSPY allows you to make any changes remotely through your online web panel. That is something I haven’t seen in other monitoring applications.

Conclusion about FlexiSPY

With FlexiSPY Extreme, you can monitor every activity on the target phone plus know its whereabouts, social media passwords, surrounding environment, and it’s all under your control.

Once you install it on the phone and make changes to a few simple settings, the phone will start sending the information across the Internet to the FlexiSPY’s servers.

Then, all that you’ll have to do is log in to your control panel area and start looking at the data that provides the truth.

There are even more features included with this cell phone spy and monitoring software, which is what makes it so incredibly powerful.

  • Cost: FlexiSPY LITE version – $29.95, FlexiSPY Premium version – $68, FlexiSPY Extreme version – $199 (1-Year License)
  • Developer: Flexispy, Ltd.
  • Visit their website:



Hoverwatch is a powerful spyware application that logs SMS, WhatsApp messages, keystrokes, passwords, websites, screenshots, and more.

I tested it on my Android 12 and it works pretty damn well.

The developers also claim that the program runs on Windows and Mac. The interface is easy to use and it just does what it has to do.

mobile apps for tracking

Here are some things that make Hoverwatch unique:

Phone TrackerIt can track the calls made and received on the android device of the kids.
Social Network MonitoringApp offers you some of the best coverage of social apps such as LINE, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and more.
Hidden program modeIt keeps you completely invisible. You can run this app ideally in stealth mode. No one will ever know that they have a spyware installed on their phone and that you are watching their smartphone.
Camera Tracker With ScreenshotsThe phone tracker with online monitoring takes a photo when a user unlocks the screen of the Android-powered phone or tablet
Viewing data from your phoneHoverwatch allows you to view all the data collected by it from your own phone without being noticed by your kids. You can get all the information accurately by remaining completely invisible to your children using their android devices.

If you are looking for good generic software to monitor your Android phone, Hoverwatch will meet your requirements.

But with no live support, as well as no iPhone version, I would recommend one of the spyware applications that I have considered above more than this software.

Regardless, if you do buy Hoverwatch, you are likely to be satisfied.

how to monitor kids phone

Cost: Hoverwatch offers a 3-day trial to its users so that they can understand it and figure out whether it suits their needs or not.

Coming to its pricing, it offers three pricing plans:

  1. Personal- $24.95 per month and it lets you monitor one device at a time
  2. Professional- $49.99 per month and you can monitor 5 devices
  3. Business- $149.95 and it lets you monitor 25 devices. This plan is best for companies and organizations


(Top Parental Control Software for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry)

mSpy is cell phone tracking software

mSpy is another cell phone tracking software product with a long list of features, as well as tiered pricing to give you more flexibility.

Its offerings include features that give you the basic operations of monitoring calls, spying on text messages, tracking phone locations with GPS, monitoring the calendar, spying on instant messengers, and viewing photos/videos taken on the smartphone.

The mSpy cell phone tracker market has some pretty neat advantages that you may not find with others. These include:

Blocking websites and applicationsAs a parent, you probably wouldn’t want your kids visiting websites with adult content. Not only is adult content inappropriate for your children, but it can put them at risk. With mSpy you can analyze their browsing history, see where they are going, and enter the URLs and applications to block.
Keylogging capabilityKeylogging is naturally very handy because it can track any message from the monitored cell phone — even those sent from chat apps not supported by mSpy. This feature is only available on Android devices.
Restrict incoming callsOne example where incoming call filtering provided by mSpy is useful is if your child is being contacted by a stranger. Furthermore, there may be a number of friends you know that you don’t want speaking with your child.
Geo-FencingThe Geofencing feature lets you find out whenever your children or employees enter or leave a location you have marked as restricted.
Wi-Fi NetworksGet more accurate device coordinates by collecting information about each Wi-Fi hotspot the target phone gets connected to.
24/7 Customer SupportWhile other companies offer this as well, it’s not to the extent that mSpy does. Most companies give you one or two avenues of contact – usually phone and email. But mSpy has been making efforts to get up to the level of customer support that FlexiSPY offers, so now you have four ways to contact them: phone, email, live chat, or Skype.

Conclusion about mSpy

Another cool thing is that mSpy gives you an easy way to test their control panel before you buy a subscription.

You can view a demo from their website just by clicking on the demo link.

The interface that this cell phone tracking system offers is one that you’ll probably enjoy.

track my daughter’s Phone

They’ve recently taken off call recording and call interception, two major features, which now only FlexiSPY have.

Make sure you NEED all the features before you spend the money.

In my opinion, mSpy is one of the most feature-rich spy apps available, but it’s also the most expensive.

Here again, you’ll find the top 5 smartphone operating systems supported with mSpy:

  • Cost: mSpy comes in three packages (Basic, Premium, and Business) priced from $40 to $500
  • Developer: Bitex Group LTD
  • Visit their website:


(Top Spy Software for Android Phone Runner up)

Cybersecurity isn’t my responsibility


uMobix offers one of the best value for money mobile spying programs on the market.

It’s loaded with features that will help you monitor all aspects of a cell phone.

However, it does not have as many advanced features as FlexiSPY Extreme.

Nevertheless, it has a ton of features that most users could find useful, including the following:

Social Media MonitoringMonitor WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, iMessage, BBM, Skype, Viber, Instagram, and Email.
Real-time GPS TrackingKnow where the device is at all times with GPS-tracking technology. The location is displayed on a map within the control panel.
Stealth CameraInitiate the phone’s camera to take a secret picture that is sent to your account.
Call MonitoringMonitor incoming and outgoing phone calls, date and time of calls, phone number of the person calling or being called, and have a running log of all phone calls made.
Photos & Video LogView photos & videos were taken on the monitored cell phone.
Browser HistoryView all the websites they visit on their phone.
Contacts and CalendarView new contacts and calendar entries.
Text Message MonitoringMonitor and record all SMS text messages. Keeps a running record of all text messages sent and received, and is viewable from within your control panel.

From what I’ve seen, uMobix has taken great efforts to ensure that its software works well with all Android devices and that it also works with iOS devices.

monitor kids phone

It’s been made extremely simple and easy to set up and is mostly glitch-free.

Although missing some of the more advanced features that FlexiSPY has, uMobix does have just about every feature you’re looking for in a cell phone spyware.

For anyone in the market for a decent spy app for Android or iOS, uMobix should be something to consider.

There’s also the added bonus that once you purchase the software, you get free updates for life.

uMobix supports the major operating systems for smartphones: iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod) Android (phone and tablet).

  • Cost: Personal- $24.95 per month and it lets you monitor one device at a time
  • Developer: uMobix

What You Should Know Before You Buy

1. You must have physical access to the target phone (the device you want to track).

You need to be able to download the mobile spy software onto the device you’ve chosen to track, and you don’t need to download anything on your own computer or phone.

Again, I can’t stress enough that you do need physical access to the device.

2. You must have internet access.

read a twitter Account

It’s impossible to track the device’s whereabouts and activity if you don’t have internet access.

Activity from the device is kept on the spy software company’s secure servers, where you can access it online via your control panel with a username and password that you’ll be provided.

3. Make sure the spy software is compatible with the device you wish to track.

MAC spoofing with MacOS computers

This won’t be a problem for most devices.

The majority of software companies today offer compatibility with the major operating systems – iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Symbian.

Also, it’s very important that you know that an iOS device -such as an iPhone- must be jailbroken before the software can be installed.

4. Make sure the company has a support center of some sort.

spy application to track someone on WhatsApp

Software issues could occur during the time you’re using the spy software.

This is due to the devices updating their operating system, the devices apps updating, and so on.

It might take time for some companies to adapt their spy software to these changes. When a technical issue occurs, you may need to contact support.

Make sure the company you buy the software from has a reputed support center – preferably 24/7 support via live chat or phone.

5. Stay clear of claims that sound too good to be true.

hacking program for Android Copy9

Yes, there are scammers that are present in the cell phone spy software market, and they are willing to make some very bold (and FALSE) claims to get you to purchase.

The best piece of advice I can give you on this is if it either sounds too good to be true or is a feature you haven’t seen advertised before, be very cautious of dealing with that particular company.

Stick with my best phone spy apps software recommendations above, based on my experience, these companies are the “cream of the crop”, and they all work as promised.

How To Begin

You will first buy the product from a trustworthy company.

Once obtained, you will get an email from the vendor that will include with it, your login info, installation instructions, download link, and activation code.

Next, you will install the software onto the device you are wanting to track.

Most cell spy software today has full compatibility with all mobile device platforms:

  1. iOS (iPhone/iPad),
  2. Android.

Once the software is installed, you can then begin tracking any activity on the phone from a control panel you can access from any device. It really is that simple.

Special note: If you’re wanting to use the software on an iPhone, you will first need to jailbreak the iPhone before you can install it.

My Last Words about the Top Phone Spy Software: pick a phone spy app that you can trust

If you’re searching for a high-quality mobile phone spyware that provides the results that you need and has a 24/7 technical support team that can be reached via live chat, then check out FlexiSPY.

But if you want the top of the line, most powerful cell phone monitoring software on the market, go with Hoverwatch or FlexiSPY Extreme (but you’ll have to pay more for it).

uMobix is by far the best VALUE for the money, it doesn’t have all the advanced features as FlexiSPY, but it does have all the features that you would need on this cell phone spy software.

These 5 products are designed to give you the information that’s vital to you when you suspect your child, employee, or spouse is up to no good and hiding something from you.

Find out more about each and make an informed purchase decision.

Thanks so much for visiting my website and I hope you find what you are looking for.

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