Spy Cell Phones Without Installing Apps on Target Phone

Cell Phones Without Installing Apps

Without Installing Apps Cell Phones Spy on the cell phone. Let’s face it. Spying apps are everywhere on the internet. Probably before opening this link you have already searched on other sites just to find out how worthless everything is. Let’s look at several ways to use Spy Cell Phones Without Installing Apps on Target Phone.

It is because although most of the articles are genuine, they just work for some time. Which means if you are reading a one-year-old article about spying someone else’s phone, it might not going to work properly. And there is also a risk factor involved. Remember spying on someone else’s cell phone is illegal. So you don’t want to end up getting caught using an outdated trick.

So let’s cut all the this article is for educational purposes only’ craps and jump right on the point. How to spy cell phones without installing apps on target phone? There are a handful of tricks available and I am going to show you all, both for androids and iPhone.

Install cell phone spy without a target device

Install cell phone spyYou can install spying software without the device of your target. Seems like another fake article? Well, we bet it is not.

But the thing to remember is that when you want the comfort of your bed while tracking your victim’s device, you need to pay some amount for that. Because there is an app you just need to install on your phone and you can literally track anyone with it. The developer of this app has already done the hard work for you so you can install cell phone spy without accessing target’s device.

spy App iKeyMonitor The first way to install

  1. Download and install iKeyMonitor spying app (3 days free and it should cost about $ 16, ok?)

2. Call to your victim’s phone number

And you are all set to track their calls, SMS, WhatsApp, facebook, twitter and even their location! Easy peasy.

Install mobile device spying apps via e-mail

Well when you need to install a spying app on your target’s phone, you might have to hide and wait inside his/her bed and wait for them to either sleep or going to the bathroom. Or you can just cut that crap and install it directly on your victim’s phone via an email.

How to?

  1. Download and install mobile phone spy app.

DOWNLOAD iKeyMonitor™

2. They will provide you a link.

Send the link attached with an image to victim’s email id.

When she will open the image, the app will be automatically installed on his/her phone.

Cell Phone Spying Without Installing Software on Target’s Phone

FlexiSpy is a monitoring softwareThere is always a risk of getting caught while installing software on target’s phone.

Therefore if you want a secure way to monitor a device without installing any software on target’s phone, we have a solution.

FlexiSpy is a monitoring software for computers, mobile phones or tablets and it is very easy to use as well.

How to.

  1. Purchase FlexiSpy or try their DEMO version from the official website.

2. Download it to your PC/Smartphone wherever you’d like to monitor your target’s device.

3. Install and follow the instructions to start spying.


How to spy on cell phone without installing any software on target’s phone: for iOS

track your smartphoneIf you have an iPhone and confused how to track your target’s smartphone/iPhone without installing any spyware on their device, here’s how to do it.

How to?

  1. Firstly you will need victim’s Apple ID and password. Once you have it, all set!
  2. Go to the official website of mSPY
  3. Register an account and go to control panel
  4. Insert target device’s Apple ID and Password.
  5. Start monitoring.


How to read someone’s text messages or WhatsApp chat without installing any software on their phone.

If you have any doubt regarding your partner’s recent behavior and not sure what to do, let me tell you this. You just need the access to your partner’s SMS and WhatsApp chats for that.

How to?

read someone’s text messages mspyYou can spy on someone’s inbox using mSPY. It is one of the most popular spying application and can deal with lots of various spying tasks along with reading messages without needing to install it on their phone.

1. Purchase mSPY

2. Just follow their instruction.
Provide them the number and device information of the target. (App should cost about $ 20, ok?)

3. DONE. You can also spy their WhatsApp or other application’s chats using mSPY Mobile.

We understand spying on someone is not good, but there’s nothing better than your own satisfaction. Using these simple tricks you can easily spy on your child, girlfriend or boyfriend or anyone else, and, of course, they will thank you later.



  1. Life has taught me so many lessons and one of it is that you can’t control someone loyalty.No matter how good,humble and honest you are to them,that doesn’t mean they will treat you the same way.
    I married to my husband for about three years ago now with no idea that he was cheating. I noticed some changes in his characters and I decided to confided in a flexispy. He was able to caught him red handed.

  2. Many thanks for recommending this team. They helped me set up a remote phone access service. I recommend this team to everyone that needs remote phone access solutions.

  3. So i have purchased this app and when trying to install it, i was told i needed to have target phone in hand. So they lie in advertisement about the ability for remote installation on target phone. I immediately wanted a refund but they said it was not possible but that they would freeze my brand new account until i could get the target phone in my hand. When i called support with his phone in my hands, a female who spoke BROKEN ENGLISH (at best) was the only help i could get. It was a brutal experience just trying to understand what she was saying or trying to say to me. I was so afraid he would wake up and beat my ass if he caught me. Finally got it installed. But i still can’t listen in on conversations or turn on camera and such. I feel like i got ripped off.

  4. So how is the software installed? Do you pay them extra $ and they take care of it? Because any time I ever tried to do it they ALL say you still need physical access to the dang target phone


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