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10 Tell-Tale Signs You Need To Get A New SMS Tracker 2018

You’re checking the online dashboard that your SMS Tracker software gives you, looking for the latest updates to roll in. But nothing new is showing, it’s the same old messages from a few days ago, what gives?

Well, depending on what SMS Tracking software you bought, this problem isn’t all that uncommon. One day the software seems to be running smoothly, the next, all your captured data is just, gone.

But this shouldn’t be the norm, read on to see if you need to get a new SMS Tracker, and for a bonus, check out our recommended program, here, so that you don’t have to run into this problem anymore.

Signs you need to get a new SMS Tracker 2018

Below I’ve listed what I think are some pretty obvious signs that you’re in need of a new SMS Tracker, read on!

  1. The spy software company’s servers are constantly offline.
    Your data is no longer being captured or uploaded to your dashboard, wtf? Often times, if you’re no longer seeing freshly captured SMS messages, the company you bought your spy software from had it’s server’s go down. It could take weeks for their database’s to be restored and often times, restored with data missing. This problem doesn’t normally occur with the major spy app brands, such as FlexiSPY, mSpy, and Highster Mobile, but you’ll find with some of the smaller companies, it happens a lot.
  2. Only part of the captured SMS’s are being uploaded.
    Many spy app software claim to “capture SMS,” and leave it at that. But what they don’t tell you is that they only capture the text-only version of the messages. This means that if someone sends a photo, or stickers inside the message, you won’t be able to see what’s truly going on. Most of the major providers nowadays will capture all contents sent via SMS.
  3. The captured SMS messages take forever to get to your dashboard.
    This is an obvious sign that they spy app company hasn’t invested enough time and energy into their servers. A slow upload time means that their servers are under a ton of stress, from being improperly managed, or having poorly written code. If this is the case with your spy app software, you’ll probably notice other ailments, which is a good sign you need to switch.
  4. The phone that the SMS Tracker is installed on suddenly has a terrible  battery life.
    Before installing the SMS Tracking App on their phone, the battery life would be around 6-8 hours with no charging. But suddenly, after you installed the app onto their cell phone, they are getting online around 2-4 hours. This happens when a spy phone software doesn’t have smart, battery-saving technology. It’s never good when a phone has a quick-draining battery, but it’s even worse when suspicions arise after their phone’s battery suddenly cuts in half overnight.
  5. The phone that you installed the software on is receiving strange codes.
    When doing testing of various spy apps, I’ve seen awfully strange SMS messages appears on my screen. messages that look like a bunch of source code, messages that would totally be suspicious to whoever’s phone you installed the software on. Generally this happens because of a bug in the software, but the best spy phone software’s out there do have failsafes that will turn off a tracking feature if it knows that by continuing to track, it’ll no longer be operating in stealth mode.
  6. The phone’s data usage went off the roof.
     If the SMS Tracker that you installed on the person’s phone isn’t the best, you (and the person you’re monitoring) will notice at the end of the month that the data used is Waaayyy more than normal. This problem comes up in knock-off software, but typically not in the more premium software. Software like FlexiSPY, and mSpy have a setting on the control panel where you can tell the program in what intervals it should upload the data. e.g. if you only check your dashboard for updates every 2 hours or so, you can set the upload interval to be every 2 hours.
  7. The phone’s antivirus finds the SMS Tracker.
    If this happens, then you’re screwed. And, unfortunately, if you purchase a generic spy app, you run the risk of this happening. This will happen if the SMS tracking software that you downloaded doesn’t permanently make itself invisible ot the anti-virus. Normally to do this, the spy app needs SuperSU permission to be granted, and the SELinux mode needs to set to passive when you setup the software. It sounds complicated, and it is complicated to do it by yourself, so these spy software companies don’t tell you about this. A good spy app will have the advanced technology built in a way where it does all of this for you. So, no anti-virus alerts, ever.
  8. The SMS Tracker isn’t truly hidden.
    Most of the time, you’ll see the spy app advertised as completely hidden, but if you read the lengthy, 1000 page disclaimer, you’ll find a piece that basically says, “Yeah our app is hidden from the homescreen, but it can be found in the applications manager, in the installed apps list, through notifications, etc..” Now, they bury this deep so that when you try to get a refund, you’re met with a customer service representative that tells you “well, when you bought our software, you automatically agreed to our terms of use.” The end-game for you being, no refund.
  9. It’s refund policy sucks.
    If a piece of software is truly good, it’s backed up with an equally good refund policy. But too often, I’ve seen SMS Tracking apps with terrible refund policies. Policies filled with tons of loop holes, not for you to exploit, but for them! If you see that their refund policy says stuff akin to “your refund is no longer an option once you install our software and activate it onto the target device.” Normally, these policies are written up by fancy lawyers to give the software company the most complete protection possible from charge-backs and refunds. An example of a good refund policy that you should compare against would be FlexiSPY’s Refund Policy.
  10. It only tracks SMS.
    All good spy software nowadays captures much, much more than just SMS messages. If you’re SMS Tracker ONLY gives you a small glimpse into what’s going on in the phone then it’s really time to switch. The top spy phone software’s today can monitor an enumerable amount of things, such as; Facebook, Viber, LINE, WhatsApp, Photos, Videos, Call’s, Contact Info, Ambient Recordings, and so much more.

So, by now you should have learned whether or not your SMS Tracker is sub-par or not. If you did unfortunately buy a crappy SMS Tracker though, you are (surprisingly) in luck.

Many of the legit spy phone software manufacturers will offer to do what’s called a trade-in/buy back. This means that they’ll take the value of the spy app that you had previously bought, and they’ll subtract it from the cost of the new spy app package that you want. So, let’s say the spy app that you bought before cost 50 dollars. And the new spy app you want to trade in for costs 70 dollars. The software company will then only ask you to pay the 20 dollars, cool right?

If you’d like more info on this, just leave a comment in the comments section below and I’ll get back to you ASAP!

LINE Spy App 2018 | How To Track LINE Messages

LINE is a messaging app that is taking the asian world by storm. While not popular in the states, it is very popular in countries like Japan, Thailand, and Indonesia, but it is steadily growing in the UK, and the USA.

When spy phone vendors added the LINE message capture feature about a year ago they did so because many of their customers were asking for it. When I delved deeper into why they were asking for it, it turned out that many cheaters turn to messaging apps that aren’t very well known yet, hoping that they will be more low-key there, and at a lower risk for being caught.

There actually aren’t that many spy applications that can spy on LINE messages. FlexiSPY and mSpy being the only ones that do. FlexiSPY gives you some things that mSpy don’t though, including the all important Stickers.

Want To See My Top Pick? Read My FlexiSPY Review & Getting Started Tutorial

Without LINE sticker capture, there isn’t much of a point for listing LINE capture as one of your features. The reason being the LINE was specifically built around Stickers. It’s estimated that 30% of LINE chats consist of Stickers, so if you’re not able to see them, you are definitely missing out.


FlexiSPY Review & Getting Started Tutorial 2018 Edition

FlexiSPY is the number one most widely used spy application in the world. Since being released in July 2007, FlexiSPY has amassed over 1,000,000 sales – making it one of the most popular spy software companies the world has seen – So, I just had to write a FlexiSPY review.

The FlexiSPY site does do a great job of selling both the software, and the dream of being able to secretly uncover the truth without needing to hire a private detective. Of course advertising is advertising, and you can’t really know if the promises are lived up to, until you try the product.

With that mindset, I have taken FlexiSPY for a spin to see if it really is all that easy to use, and to find out whether or not it lives up to the hype surrounding it.

  Learn More About FlexiSPY

What Type of Spy App is FlexiSPY?

Before I get further into this review, it should be noted that there are a few different views when it comes to spy apps: the first school of thought is that a spy app should be solely focused on one area, like SMS Tracking, and of course it should do this one thing very well. The second school of thought is that the spy app should encompass everything you might need during your investigation: sms tracking, gps tracking, facebook message capturing, etc..


The people that developed FlexiSPY fall into the second category, and they’ve used their technical abilitiy to create a spy app that does just about everything, and does these things very well.

So, if the “all encompossing” spy app isn’t something you would consider purcashing, and if you only want to capture a few things, then this review probably isn’t going to change your mind.

But, if you like the idea of a spy app that does just about everything, is easy to setup, and is completely invisible, then FlexiSPY could just be what you’ve been looking for.

Without further ado, let’s begin my complete review of FlexiSPY’s Mobile Monitoring software.


The FlexiSPY Features That Made it the Best Selling Mobile Monitoring Software Of All Time

FlexiSPY is chock full of what is an ever growing list of features. The development team has really done a nice job of making sure that whatever app it is that you need to spy on, you’ll be able to, making this a spy app with really just a few rivals.

The entire list of features is much longer that this one, but these are what we believe to be some of the higlights of the type of things that FlexiSPY can do:

  • NEW: iPhone Call Recording
  • NEW: KiK Messenger
  • New: VoIP Call Recording
  • Listen to and Record Android Phone Calls
  • Password Cracking
  • Control the Phones Microphone and Camera
  • Monitor LINE, WeChat, Viber, iMessage, Facebook, WhatsApp, BBM, and more
  • View captured Videos, and Photos
  • See Call Logs, Contacts, E-Mail, Browser History, and more

This already large list of features can be even further expanded though by looking at everything that’s covered on the FlexiSPY features page.


Getting Started With FlexiSPY’s Mobile Monitoring Software

After you’ve purchased FlexiSPY, you’ll get an email with the login details to your online portal.

After logging in, you’ll be met with a message saying that you haven’t activated yet and need to do so. This is FlexiSPY’s easy to use activation wizard.


Follow the installation wizard setup until the end, and then after you’ve reached the last step of the wizard, scroll down to the bottom of the page and check the my activation is complete button. Then press the next button to complete the setup. After you’ve completed setup, you’ll be shown to a screen that asks you to wait up to 10 minutes for the system to confirm whether or not the software has been properly activated or not.

After a few minutes if you don’t see any changes, go ahead and refresh the page, that message will now be gone, and we can begin playing around in the control panel to setup the main features.

Watch my video on how to install FlexiSPY on an Unrooted Android Phone

The FlexiSPY Control Panel

Out of the box FlexiSPY will start capturing data and sending it to your dashboard for your viewing, but there are some things we need to adjust so that everything runs smoothly and to your liking.


As you can see, that’s what your main dashboard will look like, and besides showing the data it gives you tons of options of customizing your FlexiSPY experience.

FlexiSPY Quick Setup Guide

To get the most out of FlexiSPY, I recommend that you take some time going through all of the available options, but if you just want to quickly get started, then you should keep reading on below and follow the steps we provide.

Learn More About FlexiSPY

  1. Setup your GPS Tracking..

This feature lets you continually track the location of the Target device. From Control Center menu on the left, go to Location Controls -> Start Location Tracking and enable the feature. You will also need to setup GPS Interval so

From Control Center menu on the left, head to Location Controls -> Start Location Tracking and enable the feature.

It’s also a good idea to set the GPS interval so that the software will always immediately send the gps tracking data from the phone to your dashboard for your viewing.


  1. Get Historical Media

This feature fetches all of the phones current images, videos, and audio that have been saved prior to installation of FlexiSPY.

This feature is for downloading all images, audios and videos saved on the phone prior installation of the software. It also tells FlexiSPY to upload any new media to your dashboard.

From the Control Center menu on the left, go to Photo Controls -> Historical Media and then enable any media file you want to be captured and uploaded to your dashboard.


  1. Enable Call Recording

The call recording features lets you record the conversations of the Target device, and then it automatically uploads the recorded file into your dashboard for your listening.

To Enable, from the Control Center menu on the left, go to Call Controls and Enable Call Recording. When this is done, click on Manage Watchlist. The Manage Watchlist feature tells the software which calls should be recorded based on your settings under Global Options. Set the option that best fits you.

Learn More About FlexiSPY


  1. Enable Ambient Recording

This feature lets you remotely turn on the microphone of the phone you are monitoring. The phone will then upload the recorded file to your dashboard so that you can listen to what was going on in the phones surroundings.

To turn this feature on, from the Control Center menu on the left, head to Call Controls -> Start Ambient Recording. Then you’ll be asked to set the total duration of the recording (this can be from one to sixty minutes)


  1. Enable Call Intercept

The live call intercept feature lets you patch into the monitored phone in real time when the phone is on a call.

To turn this on, from the Control Center menu on the left, head over to Live Call Controls and then Enable Call Intercept. Once that is done, click on Manage Watchlist. This Manage Watchlist function sends you an SMS alert when the Target is  receiving or making a call from any number in your “Global Options”.

Once the features above are setup, you should be good to go. Things like Facebook messenger capturing, and so on are automatically setup when you activate your FlexiSPY account for the first time, so you don’t need to worry about that. Now, we should take a look at the price.



FlexiSPY’s cell phone spy software now gives you the most flexible pricing out of any spy app. The two main versions of FlexiSPY that you would want are FlexiSPY PREMIUM, and FlexiSPY EXTREME. They also sell a subscription plan for large businesses.

FlexiSPY begins at $68 per month for their regular plan, and goes as high as $349.99 for an EXTREME subscription period of 12-months.


FlexiSPY has long been known to give 1st class support. And, in the rare events where I had a question for them, I got thoughtful, concise answers. They also offer a no-qualms 5 day guarantee and a 10 day money back guarantee, which is better than other s like mSpy who have an endless wall of disclaimers on their refund page, almost making it impossible to get a refund if anything goes awry.

So if you’re looking for the best spy app, I can really only recommend one, and that’s FlexiSPY.

Learn More About FlexiSPY

Should I Buy FlexiSPY 2018 EXTREME or PREMIUM?

You’ve read the reviews.

You’ve done the research.

You’ve looked at all the options.

You’re confident that you want to go ahead and buy FlexiSPY.

But then you go to check-out, and you realize, there’s two versions of FlexiSPY.

What if the version you buy doesn’t have all of the features that you want? What if you only need a few features, and end up overpaying for features you’ll never use?

This thought can creep up into everyone’s mind.

But there is a right choice.

As buyers, you and I are on the front lines of a battle of misinformation.

We need to be able to see past the marketing B.S. We need to be able to know exactly what features we really are going to be using. We need to make sure that those features we want are included in our plans. We don’t want to overpay.

Looking For A Legit Opinion? Check Out My FlexiSPY Review & Getting Started Tutorial

But this can feel like an impossible task. How can we decide between the different versions?

Well, it’s actually not that hard.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve tested almost all of the main spy phone software on the market, and because of it I have developed a list of the 6 most important points to consider before buying EXTREME or PREMIUM.

Sound good?

Top 6 Things To Consider

  1. Do you want a built in password cracker?

FlexiSPY EXTREME comes with their unique password cracker built in. Once the program is activated, it automatically cracks most of the popular apps such as Facebook, Hangouts, Viber, etc.. Then it displays those passwords for you to see. Purchased separate, this program costs 80 bucks. PREMIUM doesn’t come with this password cracker, so it’s a big thing to consider.

  1. How important is call recording to you?

When they answer that call, sure, you’ll see a notification of it later in your dashboard, but what if you could actually hear what took place on the call. That’s

That’s what you get with call recording, conveniently dated sound bytes that include information such as who was calling, what there number was, etc..

This is an EXTREME feature only, and there’s no additional add-on that you can buy for it.

  1. Call interception or not?

Sometimes you just might need to hear the conversation as soon as it’s happening, and for this you’ll need the call interception -which is an EXTREME only deal – You’ll be able to set various numbers that you want FlexiSPY to keep an eye on. Then, as soon as one of those numbers interacts with the target phone, you’ll receive an SMS that the call is taking place. You then call the target phone, and you’ll be secretly patched in..

  1. REM Cam (aka, remote image capture)

With REM cam, you’ll see a small yellow camera icon on your FlexiSPY dashboard. Hit it, and the target phone’s camera will turn on, without any sound or notification, and snap a photo. You can decide whether you want the picture to be taken from the front, or the back camera. Now while honestly, most of the time, the target will probably have their phone or in their pocket when out and about. But let’s say they are at work, lunch, dinner, etc.. their phone will most likely be on the table, so you could get a good view of the surroundings. Something we like to do, is send a normal text to the target, that way they check their phone, and then we immediately take a remcam photo, that way their phone is faced the correct way for a pic to be taken. If you just buy PREMIUM, you’re not gonna have this feature, so keep this in mind.

  1. Ambient Recording

This is kinda like REM Cam, but with audio.

Just hit the “start ambient recording” button and the target phone’s main microphone will turn on – again, in secret – you can set the supposed duration of the recording beforehand, or just let it go on until the maximum single recording time (20 minutes,) is reached. You can also set planned ambient recordings, so say if you know that the target eats lunch at 1pm everyday, and is supposed to be driving home at 5pm, you can set the recordings to take place at those times. You can even specify it down to the days of the week. (EXTREME only though)

  1. Do you need Spoof SMS?

Spoof SMS is something we often get asked about, as it can be a little confusing. So let us clear this up.

Spoof SMS is where you send a text message to the target phone that they see, but it looks like it’s coming from whatever number you want it to come from. For example, say you want to see how they will respond to a flirtatious text, you can send a Spoof SMS, making it look like it’s coming from whatever number you want it to be (literally, it can even be 000-222-3333) and see how they respond to it. If this is something that intrests you, then we recommend that you take FlexiSPY EXTREME.

And that’s really it.. If you don’t really need any of the 6 things we’ve listed above, then you don’t need to buy EXTREME.

But, if any one of these things is vital in your investigation, you’re gonna need to shell out the extra cash to make sure you get what you need.

Whatever the case, if you buy a version that turns out not the be the best version for you, there’s a 10 day refund policy that should cover you. Or, if you want to upgrade, you just contact support who will help you out.

So, make your decicision, and then go to checkout by clicking on the link below. And as always, if you have any questions about this article, please leave a message in the comments section below.



Does FlexiSPY 2018 Really Work Or Is It A Scam?

It’s been nagging at you, the feeling that lately, something just isn’t right with your girlfriend (or alternatively, boyfriend.) You want to investigate this feeling further, find the root cause.

You ask them what’s up, “hey, you ok? you’ve been acting a little strange lately, not yourself..” But what you get in return is just a “no, I’m fine, what are you accusing me of?”

So you decide to look deeper, and after looking through their computer’s search history, after checking their note’s, after trying to find any evidence that somethings amiss, and failing to find anything, your eye lands on the holy grail of info, their smart phone.

After searching the web trying to find an app that lets you secretly see what’s going on on their phone, you stumble across FlexiSPY, promising to give you certain knowledge of the deepest secrets being kept from you.

Want to see how FlexiSPY Works? Read My FlexiSPY Review & Getting Started Tutorial

But how do you trust this software company you have just recently heard of? How can you know if FlexiSPY really works before you shell out your hard-earned cash?

Learn More About FlexiSPY

This is a fair concern, after all, it’s a spy app site, it’s hard to trust a site with the word “spy” in it. Besides this point, there’s also tons of other spy application websites that you probably stumbled upon in your search for the perfect spy app for you. Your web browser is opened up with 20-30 different spy app sites, all promising to give you exactly what you searched for. How the hell are you supposed to figure out what’s real, what works, or what works poorly?

Fortunately, there’s good news:

Yes, FlexiSPY does really work, and damn well at that.

We’ve tested ton’s of spy software, SMS trackers, and more throughout the years, and can easily say that FlexiSPY is putting out some of the most advanced, but easy to use software to date.

And they’ve been able to hold this spot as the top spy software because of one main reason.

They invented the spy phone

That’s right, FlexiSPY was the first to come out in the spy app game, (even before the NSA – ha) and with that headstart they’ve been able to do things that no one else seems to be able to do.

In the time since their inception though, they’ve had a lot of copy-cats popping up, trying to steal their space. And bad copycats at that.

Spy software is a complex software that requires lots of constant development to make sure everything is working, and to maintain the invisibility of the app, but these fresh popups have been shown to be feature lacking and far from stealthy. These sites pop up for a few days, scam a lot of people, then disappear into thin air as soon as they get a bad rep.

But FlexiSPY isn’t one of these ill-maintained startups that try and fail to get into the sophisticated world of spy phones and SMS tracker software, they’re a 7-year-old company that has continued to bring new features to the tech world.

In the end, you’re going to have to make a decision, and I, a real human being am telling you that FlexiSPY really does work. I’ve spent my money on it, actually tried the thing out, and it’s never disappointed me in any deal-breaking way. That’s why, it’s the only spy app I can only recommend.

Learn More About FlexiSPY

mSpy Review 2018 | Is It Worth The Price Tag?


If you’re wanting to keep your family and business safe, mSpy’s cell phone software application has you covered. It’s a full-ranged spy app for your smartphone that is 100% undetectable. You’ll be able to see what they’re up to, but they won’t know. By the end of this mSpy review you should have a good idea of what it can and can’t do, as well as the pricing and compatibility.

But why use mSpy?

Well, if you’re not monitoring their smartphone, you could end up running into some of the following situations for your kids, employees, or even your wife/husband

  • Talking with people they shouldn’t be behind your back
  • Lying about where they are
  • Visiting pornographic websites
  • Apps that they shouldn’t have downloaded

Most of the time, parents buy phones for their kids, while employers give cell phones that the company purchased to their employees. In any case, the problems i mentioned above can and probably will come up, and you’re going to want to know about them as soon as they happen.

mSpy’s Main Features

mSpy’s cell phone spy software is packed with features galore. They also have a super-intuitive dashboard which gives you tons of controls on what you’re able to see. Below are some of the main features that mSpy give you:

Location Tracking – You’re able to see exactly where they are by seeing their GPS coordinates.

Call Log Monitoring – A simple listing of calls that the phone being monitored made, and calls that came to the phone.

SMS Message Viewing – mSpy captures all SMS messages. Not only the text, but also images, voice attachments, the time and date, and more.

Contacts – Possibly one of the most revealing aspects of this monitoring deal, you’ll be able to see everyone that they’ve added as a contact on their phone. In my experience, if they take the time to add someone as a contact in their phone, that person is bound to have some meaning to them. You’ll be able to view ALL of the contact info, including their addresses -both home and office- the name of their company, address, and more.

If that doesn’t do it for you, you can actually do a lot more with mSpy. You’ll be able to record phone calls, block certain incoming calls. See what’s planned on their calendar, view their photos and videos, and even take full control of the applications on their phone.

What mSpy Brings to the table that others don’t – Main Advantages

There’s more than a few things that I think set mSpy apart from the rest. But here’s a few that I think are pretty awesome:

  1. Keylogging ability
  2. Doesn’t need the purchasing of sms credits for commands to be sent
  3. Small battery imprint
  4. Reports that are already made for you
  5. Logs of how many times they visited a website/websites
  6. Ability to export all the captured data -this can really come in handy-
  7. Easy to use control panel that gives you an expansive level of accessibility.

Below I’ll go in-depth to the advantages of mSpy that I listed above.

1. Keylogging ability – 

Having a keylogging ability built in to your spy app software is kick-ass. The reason I find this so awesome is because it often takes these spy phone software companies a while to update monitoring for an app that just received an update (say WhatsApp just updated it’s app. the spy phone software will no longer be compatible.) But with mSpy’s Keylogging ability, you’ll still be able to see what they’re saying while waiting for the spy software app to update.

2. No need to use SMS credits – 

Some spy apps will only let you change the phones capturing settings by SMS. Even worse, the majority of the time they’ll make you purchase credits to send the SMS commands. This isn’t something you’re going to want to be stuck having to do. mSpy does offer you the SMS control, but it also will hourly update the phone with any changes that you told it to make from the dashboard via WiFi.

3. Small battery imprint –

If you’re trying to be stealthy, you need a spy app that doesn’t alert the phones user that they are being monitored by draining their battery quickly. mSpy uses an intelligent monitoring system that uses resources wisely, and keeps their battery at about the same drain level.

4. Reports that are made for you automatically – 

A lot of spy phone software captures the information for you, but doesn’t present it in a meaningful way. mSpy not only captures all the phones data, but it also formats and organizes the data into useful chunks of information.

5. Website Frequency Tracking –

This is especially useful for employers. You’ll be able to see how much time your employees are wasting on facebook, or how much time your kids are on game apps. The list of useful things to do with website tracking could go on and on. Luckily, mSpy does this one really really well.

6. Ability to export captured data –

 You’ve captured all of this data, but you want to back it up, or present it to someone. Most spy software companies don’t let you do this. You have to keep your data on their servers. mSpy doesn’t have a problem about this and let’s you export all of your captured data so that you can easily view it at a later time.

7. Control Panel Accessibility – 

After purchasing your spy app software, you might find that you simply just don’t need some features. Or that some features you just aren’t going to use that often. With mSpy you can toggle what you want to monitor and what information you want to display.

How mSpy Works


 mSpy’s cell phone spy software is usable because of four different components: the app itself, internet connection, server for the captured data provided by mSpy, and your control panel. All data that’s set to capture from the target cell phone are sent, using the internet, to mSpy’s server where you can then easily access the captured information.

So, getting started with mSpy is fairly simple.

  1. Buy mSpy
  2. Get the phone that you want to monitor, in your hand
  3. Download the mSpy and and install it onto the phone that you have prepared.
  4. Enter the combination that mSpy provided you.
  5. Login to your dashboard and start viewing that captured data.


mSpy works on all of the popular OS systems. That means it works on:

  • Windows Mobile
  • Android
  • iOS (iPhone, iPad)
  • Symbian
  • BlackBerry

Again, you’ll also be able to run it on devices like the Kindle, iPad, Nexus Tablet, etc..

The Price of mSpy

With mSpy cell phone spy software, you’re given some really great pricing plans. Their two main pricing options are mSpy Premium and Basic. They also have another option for businesses where they also give you additional customization’s that you as an employer might need.


mSpy begins at $39.99 per month for their regular plan, and goes as high as $199.99 for a subscription period of 12-months. (that comes out to just $17.00 a month)

Customer Service and Product Support

mSpy gives standard support with good hours that you can reach them, but they also offer additional support options that you can get at a price. Say you want them to install their software onto the phone, FOR YOU. Well, they can and will do that -again, at a price.

So, if you need to find out what is really going on with your loved one, employees, whoever, mSpy is definitely a product that I can recommend.


If you’d like to learn more about mSpy, please do so via the link below




Highster Mobile Review 2018 | The Best Bang For Your Buck?

highster mobileHighster Mobile is one of the best cell phone spy / monitoring software programs on the market to date.

This top spy app lets you secretly monitor just about anyone that you need to, be it your kids, loved ones, or employees. All you”ll need to get started is some type of mobile device. The entire line of iOS devices -iPhone, iPod, iPad- as well as on all Android devices are compatible.

Highster Mobile can be set up in minutes, and includes in it’s package; GPS-tracking, Social chatting app tracking -such as Facebook messenger, and more. What I think really makes this software special though is the price, the cheapest out there.

With almost all cell spy software companies, you’re going to be billed a monthly fee. Obviously, if you don’t pay the following month you’re no longer going to be able to login and view the captured data. But with Highster Mobile it’s different. Highster is a one time deal, meaning that you make a payment of $69.99 once, and you’re set for life – Kickass deal!

Getting To Know Highster Mobile

getting to know highster mobile - how it works

After the life-time payment is made, you’ll be sent the instructions on installing the software onto the phone that you’re planning to track. The process really isn’t that difficult, but if you run into any problems, you can talk with Highster’s 24/7 support team who will sort you out.

After you’ve installed the software onto the phone, it’ll be completely hidden from everyone, and it will stay hidden forever. You’re going to be the only person that knows that the phone has Highster Mobile on it. I can’t stress enough that once this software is on the phone, even if the person is some sort of phone expert, they aren’t going to be able to locate the software, and there are absolutely no signs that would even lead them to believing that a spy app was on there phone to begin with.

Once Highster Mobile is set up on the device that you installed it on, you can then login to the control panel from any other device that has internet connection – tablet, desktop, laptop, your own phone, etc.. After that you’ll be using the control panel as your ops center. You’ll be able to view everything happening on the device you installed the software on.

(Explore all the features of Highster Mobile by heading to their site)

Features That Set Highster Mobile Apart

Parents have long needed a way to see what their children are doing with their time, the same goes for employers. So it’s only natural that use of cell phone spy software is becoming more and more popular. Highster tracks just about everything that the phone being monitored is doing, and this makes it such a good way to protect your children, or ensure the interests of your business. Here’s some of the features I think are truly awesome that you get with this spy app:

1. Text message monitoring. I think everyone can admit to text messaging being the most widely used way that people communicate. Highster Mobile gives you easy access to viewing all of their text messages, and all the info contained within those messages. That means the contact information of who they’re texting, any photos sent via text messaging, any sent audio, and more.

2. Phone call monitoring. Highster taps you into their phone call activity by showing you who called, when they called, and how long the call lasted. Not only that, you’ll also get a downloadable transcript of their call activities.

3. GPS Location Tracking. Highster Mobile lets you see exactly where they are using it’s pretty much second to none GPS technology. You also get to see the location history realisticly with map embedded in your control panel -which brings us to number 4.

4. Live Control Panel. Highster Mobile has always carried a great reputation for having a clean, easy to use control panel. With that control panel you can set different triggers, change options on display, and more.

5. Spy Camera. Activate the phones camera, taking a picture of the surroundings of the phone.

6. Browser History. One of the most enlightening of all the features. View the websites they have visited in the past, as well as any bookmarks they’ve created.

7. Photos. Any photos that the target phone has on it -like pictures taken with the phones camera- will be automatically sent to up to your control panel for your viewing. You’ll also be able to view the time and date stamps on the photos, as well as the Meta data which contains gps location info.

8. Email Monitoring. You’ll be able to secretly monitor the comings and goings of their email. even if they are sending and receiving their emails using an email app like yahoo mail, or gmail. You’ll also get the info on the people that they’re emailing, and getting emails from.

9. Contacts. This feature will show you all of the contacts that are on their phone. This includes name, number, and any extra data that was entered when the contact was created on the phone -such as address info, work phone number, etc.

10. Social Media Monitoring. No spy app can be complete without being able to monitoring their Social Media activity. Children -especially teens, as well as employees- are using apps like Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, and more. Highster captures all this data for you to view.

11. Remote Uninstall. If there ever comes the time that you want Highster off of their phone, you’re covered. Just use the built in remote install feature which uninstalls Highster without you needed to touch the phone.

A Picture Of The Highster Mobile Dashboard

The screenshot I am showing above is really just a small taste of what you get with Highster Mobile. If you’re interested in looking at everything that this spy app can do for you, click here.

Closing Thoughts On Highster Mobile

What Highster Mobile gives you in terms of features is not that different than what other cell phone spy software gives you, but what makes Highster stand out is it’s price point. Being able to have lifetime access to all the features at a low cost is a pretty good reason to go ahead and purchase this software. It’s becauses of this – and everything i covered above- that I feel safe about giving Highster my recommendation to you.

To learn more about Highster Mobile, head on over to http://www.highstermobi.com


FlexiSPY Free Trial 2018

One of the things I get asked every other day is whether or not FlexiSPY offers a free trial.

Chances are, if you’ve arrived on this page, it wasn’t by accident, and you are one of smarter few that have Googled this question.

Well, there’s good news, and bad news, so let’s getting going..

Does FlexiSPY Offer a Free Trial?

You’d think this would be an easy question to find an answer too, without having to consult with a blog, but this questions nature makes everything a little complicated.

Visiting their website you may find the FlexiSPY Free Trial page. It seems like your prayers have been answered, the spy software fairy has your back today.

But further reading into the page shows you the truth, and that is that there is no free trial per say.

No free trial.. So now what?

That’s right, while they do offer a mailing list that you can join to be notified of when the free trial program starts, they don’t advise you to join the list because we don’t want you to get your hopes up.

You see the line “our improved trial program will begin in 2015” has been around for over a year, and yet no trial.


What’s My Top Pick? Check This Out: FlexiSPY Review & Getting Started Tutorial 2016 Edition


Luckily there’s a bootlegged solution out there if you have the cash to put down, and here it is.

The solution:

The solution is to take advantage of their 10 day  money back guarantee, an absolutely  no qualms, no bs 10 day money back guarantee. Don’t like their software within 10 days? fine, send it back and they’ll give you your money back.

So this is the solution for the free trial conundrum. The purpose of a free trial is to make sure the software works before your wallet is permanently tied with whatever it is that you’re buying, and if you can get your money back no questions asked within 10 days, then this is essentially a free trial.

A few days ago FlexiSPY released a demo that is accessible from their homepage of the site to give their customers a better look inside FlexiSPY before purchasing, that’s a fair tradeoff!

What do you think about FlexiSPY not having a free trial? Let me know in the comments section below,


The Best SMS Tracker App | My Definitive Review 2018


In this post, we’ll be taking at the spy app that I think is the best, over all, at getting the job done.

Sometime’s you wish there was a way to perform SMS Tracking easily.

It shouldn’t be too hard – you’ve seen lots of apps out there that claim to do it. But now that you’re serious about it, you want a program that works.

This happens to everyone that has even only a drop of concern for their own protection.

Yet they find the answer.

It may take them hours and hours of installing bogus SMS Tracker software before they finally find one that works as described.

The problem:

Finding a good SMS Tracking program is hard. Even when I first went out searching for one, it was difficult to know which programs were real, which were just scams trying to get my money. After installing the program on my phone to test, the phone would have visible notifications, battery life, problems, and worse.

The underlying cause of the problem:

A major reason why it’s so hard to find a good SMS Tracker application is because of how easy it is for some random Joe to tent up a website (that they most likely ripped from another site,) promising the world. When in fact, you purchase the software, often time’s you won’t even be sent a confirmation email, let alone the software. Then – at least from my experience, when you try to get a refund, POOF! The site has disappeared.

The solution:

The solution is pretty simple.

I’ve found and tested almost all SMS Tracker apps. I’ve actually done the research. So take the suggestions that I’m going to present soon.

That’s all you need to do, pick one of the suggestions that I’m about to give ya, and you will be safe!

My Favorite SMS Tracker App

FlexiSPY – my all time favorite SMS Tracker app.

FlexiSPY IS without a doubt, the best spy app out there, period. It’s been around since 2005, and is the company that actually invented the spy phone. But I will admit that it did take me a long, long time to finally try FlexiSPY. Why? Because at the time it was so damn expensive. Back when I first starting testing SMS Tracker software, this company was selling the PREMIUM version of their software for around $350 USD.

Now compare this to the average price of the spy apps out there, (around $50 – $70 USD)

But I’ll tell you what.

After getting just really, really tired of software that didn’t work, I finally shelled out the money for FlexiSPY.

And from that moment, I was hooked.

I don’t really know the cause of FlexiSPY making software that’s so much better than their competition, but I know the end result, error free SMS Tracker – and more – that gets the job done.

For example, one of my biggest headaches before buying FlexiSPY was that with other software, I would often get SMS alert’s on the phone I was testing, with weird Alien-esque code. This would have definitely created big suspicions if you were trying to be discreet about spying.

But once I installed FlexiSPY, none of these problems occurred ever again. I was given the option to keep make the icon visible, OR hidden.

It didn’t kill my battery like the other spy apps had done, it didn’t create a huge data drain that was easy spot on my monthly phone bill as had happened before , AND -perhaps my favorite thing – was that FlexiSPY was and still is an auto-updatable app.

This really sets it apart from other spy apps out there.

I didn’t need to manually take the phone in hand, uninstall the program -losing all my data- type in the painful URL, download the app, reinstall and do the setup all over again.

FlexiSPY has made this so damn easy. There’s literally a button on your dashboard that flashes a bit whenever there’s an update to the software available. You just left click on the flashing icon, then press the confirm button, and within an hour, the software will be compatible and up to date. Your data will still be there, nothing gone, and everything will be running smoothly.

Having this auto-update feature is especially important in the SMS Tracker world.


Because the apps that you’re wanting to track, update all the friggin time! As well as the phone that it’s installed on.

So, let’s say the Facebook app that you’re monitoring goes and decides to update itself. You’re temporarily not going to be able to view any more Facebook logs that are going on, on their phone because the spy app can no longer track it. It’s just not compatible.

So then, you have to wait… and wait.. and then after you’re done waiting a bit more (1-2 weeks) then your sub-par spy app will finally again me compatible with the Facebook app.

But then, you still have to get the phone in your hand, you still have to uninstall, you still have to re-install, and oh yeah, your logs are gone.

All that data that you had captured, the whole purpose for tracking SMS’s in the first place, to get the evidence, woosh, out the door.

FlexiSPY is currently the only spy phone software that can update without having to access the target phone again, this is probably my main reason for so whole-heartedly backing it.

Of course, as I mentioned, Tracking SMS’s is at the lowest level of what FlexiSPY can accomplish. There’s just so much advanced tech and features packed into this program that I can’t even begin to count. But I’ll tell you a few of my favorites.

My favorite things that FlexiSPY can do.

  1. IM Monitoring:

FlexiSPY can currently monitor 13 messaging applications. Between Facebook Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter Messages, and more. It really is the most powerful when it comes to all around IM monitoring. Their competition doesn’t even come close.

  1. Call Recording:

Another FlexiSPY-only feature, with call recording you can actually set monitor numbers that you are suspicious of, and record them when the target’s phone connects to one of those monitored numbers. So, for example, say that number 904-299-0122 has sent some SMS messages to the person you’re spying on, and these SMS messages show flirtatious texts or even worse. You’re gonna want to keep tabs on what they’re saying ear to ear. So, you just input that number into FlexiSPY’s monitored number list and the next time that phone number calls their phone, or their phone calls that phone number, a recording will start. Then, when the call ends, the recording will stop recording.

From then, you can look at your dashboard  and see the recording. Just plug in your favorite headphones, press the play button and that’s all there is too it. You’re now listening in on their recorded phone calls. You’re even able to download the recorded phone calls for filing purposes.

  1. GPS Tracking:

Most good spy apps will have a GPS tracking feature. FlexiSPY is not different. In fact, they have an intelligent GPS tracking mechanism that doesn’t drain the battery life as it does with most other apps. One cool thing that I like about their GPS tracking feature is the ability to take the recorded gps data and export it into a program like tom tom or google maps. By doing this, you’re actually able to drive the same route, get 100% the same directions that they did on their route. You’re also able to see how long they stayed at one location, which can be invaluable for determining if they were up to anything nefarious or not.

  1. Ambient Recording:

Once again, FlexiSPY owns the SMS Tracker app market by offering things that others can’t. Namely, ambient recording. This ambient recording feature that their developers have conjured up lets you remotely and secretly turn on their phone’s microphone, and record what’s going on. So say you know from their GPS coordinates that they are in a house that you’re unfamiliar with. You want to know what’s going on inside, but what can you do? Easy.. Just log into your FlexiSPY dashboard, go to the Ambient Recording’s section, and turn it on. Their phone will secretly turn on and will record the noises of whatever is happening inside – just be prepared for what you hear, seriously. – You can then take the Ambient Recording and download it if you want a hard copy for safe keeping. You can even schedule Ambient Recordings which is pretty bad-ass if you’re doing detective-type work.

  1. Remote Camera Activation:

So, you now know where they are, what they’re saying, but how can you know what they are doing? Not a problem with FlexiSPY’s Rem Cam feature. I tested this thing out and it worked like a charm. No sounds, flashes, or any signs that the camera was just turned on took place. You just tap the conveniently placed remcam icon (looks like a yellow camera) and boom! Their phone will start secretly taking photos and uploading them to the dashboard. You can also specify which camera you’d like to be activated, that, in theory, you’re doubling your chances of capturing what’s going on.

I hope that through this article, you’ve learned a bit more about SMS Tracking. In this post I went through the problems plauging a lot of people trying to Track SMS messages, as well as the solutions to these problems.

In conclusion, I’ll say that my #1 advise that I can give to anyone that is wanting to monitor someone’s phone secretly, is to shell out the extra money to make sure that it’s a good product. If you pay a half-assed amount of money, you’re going to get a half-assed program.


You can check out all the features of my favorite SMS Tracker app, through the link below.




Cell Phone Tracking Software For An iPhone 2018

Apple has always prided themselves on having the most secure smartphone software out of all of the phones in the planet.

So if you wanted to spy on someone who happens to have an iPhone, you may have fell for the thought that it was impossible.

Luckily though, Apple is totally full of shit, and so is their iPhone.

I have known, and a few others have known for 4+ years that iPhone has been cracked by at least 3 different spy software companies, Apple keeps this under wrap for obvious reasons, I will probably be getting an email from Apple asking me to take down this post,  but who cares..

Why Apples iPhone need cell phone tracking software

To any Apple yuppy who is horrified to realize that their iPhone isn’t as secure as they believed, they might have some questions on why the software was developed in the first place.. to harm Apple?

Here’s the answer:

An iPhone needs spy software on it if you need to spy on someone! (duh..)

This isn’t some attack towards Apple, it’s just a fact that sometimes, someone needs to be looked into, and the best way to do that without paying your cities Detective Sherlock holmes to look into things, is to do it yourself..

How a cell phone tracker for iPhone works

To start tracking an iPhone’s activities, you’ll need the following:

  • In your hand, you’ll need the Jailbroken iPhone that you want to track
  • A cell phone spy application
  • Access to the iPhone’s main screen. This means that if the phone that you want to spy on has a lockscreen, you will need to know the password.
  • Five minutes of time..

The reason you’ll need to make sure that the iPhone is jailbroken first is because jailbreaking cracks Apple’s phone security and lets you install applications on the phone that Apple otherwise wouldn’t allow..

Once you have the software, their phone, and access to get past the phones lockscreen, the process isn’t that difficult.

If you purchase the cell phone tracker that I recommend the most, then you can find and installation guide that I’ve written for it, here.

Cell Phone Tracker For iPhone Features

There are a lot of iPhone software in today’s app bloated world.. Some are some are great, some are just ok, and some are fakes. Whichever you decide to go for (this is my top pick) you’ll want to make sure that it can do at least the basics.

Most cell phone trackers for iPhone will be able to monitor the following:

  • Phone contacts (with included contact information like address, name and number)
  • Facebook conversations
  • Viber chats
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Phone calls (some spy software can even record phone calls.)
  • Emails

These are just the features that I recommend that the spy app of your choosing must have, otherwise you could have purchased a better app for your money.

How To Choose The Right Cell Phone Tracking Software For iPhone

There are undoubtedly a couple of spy apps that you will see again and again while doing research. You’ll come across a couple of big review sites as well, that read like shills for 1 particular spy company.

That’s because some cell phone tracking apps do technically work, but not very well.. Those apps put up fake review sites to try to and convince you to buy one of their scam software.

Wrapping up

I only recommend three programs for tracking an iPhone



Highster Mobile
These spy apps each individually offer something special, and they are real programs. Some are more expensive than the other in the short run – some cheaper in the long run, but the three I’ve listed above will work.

If you have any questions about any of the information I have – or haven’t – covered above, please contact me  or leave a comment in the comments section below!!