Does FlexiSPY 2024 Really Work Or Is It A Scam?

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It’s been nagging at you, the feeling that lately, something just isn’t right with your girlfriend (or alternatively, boyfriend.) You want to investigate this feeling further, find the root cause.

You ask them what’s up, “hey, you ok? you’ve been acting a little strange lately, not yourself..” But what you get in return is just a “no, I’m fine, what are you accusing me of?”

So you decide to look deeper, and after looking through their computer’s search history, after checking their note’s, after trying to find any evidence that somethings amiss, and failing to find anything, your eye lands on the holy grail of info, their smart phone.

After searching the web trying to find an app that lets you secretly see what’s going on on their phone, you stumble across FlexiSPY, promising to give you certain knowledge of the deepest secrets being kept from you.

Want to see how FlexiSPY Works?

But how do you trust this software company you have just recently heard of?

How can you know if FlexiSPY really works before you shell out your hard-earned cash?

This is a fair concern, after all, it’s a spy app site, it’s hard to trust a site with the word “spy” in it.


Besides this point, there’s also tons of other spy application websites that you probably stumbled upon in your search for the perfect spy app for you.

Your web browser is opened up with 20-30 different spy app sites, all promising to give you exactly what you searched for.

How the hell are you supposed to figure out what’s real, what works, or what works poorly?

Fortunately, there’s good news:

Yes, FlexiSPY does really work, and damn well at that.

We’ve tested ton’s of spy software, SMS trackers, and more throughout the years, and can easily say that FlexiSPY is putting out some of the most advanced, but easy to use software to date.

And they’ve been able to hold this spot as the top spy software because of one main reason.

They invented the spy phone

That’s right, FlexiSPY was the first to come out in the spy app game, (even before the NSA – ha) and with that headstart they’ve been able to do things that no one else seems to be able to do.

In the time since their inception though, they’ve had a lot of copy-cats popping up, trying to steal their space. And bad copycats at that.

Spy software is a complex software that requires lots of constant development to make sure everything is working, and to maintain the invisibility of the app, but these fresh popups have been shown to be feature lacking and far from stealthy.

These sites pop up for a few days, scam a lot of people, then disappear into thin air as soon as they get a bad rep.

But FlexiSPY isn’t one of these ill-maintained startups that try and fail to get into the sophisticated world of spy phones and SMS tracker software, they’re a 7-year-old company that has continued to bring new features to the tech world.

Read My FlexiSPY Review & Getting Started Tutorial

In the end, you’re going to have to make a decision, and I, a real human being am telling you that FlexiSPY really does work.

I’ve spent my money on it, actually tried the thing out, and it’s never disappointed me in any deal-breaking way.

That’s why, it’s the only spy app I can only recommend.

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  1. Anon

    Hi I wondered what you thought of the customer service at flexispy? I am thinking of purchasing the software but I have a few questions for them first. However, so far no one at the company has replied (I sent an query last week using their ‘ticket’ facility). Receiving no contact from them has made me concerned that perhaps flexispy is a scam (I found an address for them in the Seychelles too – which seems unusual) and the fact there is no contact number for them also makes me dubious. Even if it isn’t a scam it doesn’t appear like the support to use their product would be much use (although their FAQs on their website is very comprehensive), it still doesn’t answer my queries.
    I’m not a tech whiz and was hoping for a bit reassurance that I won’t mess up the installation and that the software will monitor what I need. My main two questions were: 1) Rooting the device (Nexus 7 tablet, lollipop version 5.0.2) I want to leave the device as I found it, and worry that rooting the tablet will cause problems to the user I also have no idea how to backup a tablet and put everything back to how it was (if this is even necessary). 2) Does the web browser history capture ‘incognito’ (private mode) web searches as this is predominantly how the user searches the web. Thanks for any help or reassurance you can offer. Do you know how long flexispy take to respond?

    1. David Meyer author

      Hi Anon,

      I think the best way to get in touch with them would be via their live-chat button. I’ve tried to contact them in the past using their ticket system, but also didn’t have a good experience with that. Never had any problems with their live-chat though.. As for their location, they did used to located in the states, but StealthGenie got prosecuted, so they moved their servers offshore.

      Now to answer your technical questions:
      1) The phone doesn’t actually have to be rooted unless you want the more advanced features like facebook capture, call interception, etc. If you still want to root it though, there’s a lot of tools out there that’ll do it easily enough. If you get back to me on this, I’ll find a guide for you.
      2) Yes, their software will still capture incognito mode searches. nice questions!



        Can I use Flexispy to check on someone in the Philippines?

        1. David

          Yes, FlexiSPY works regardless of the location, you just need physical access to the phone first.

        2. Craig

          I’m having same problem
          I need to check on someone in the Philippines

          Did you have any luck with this ?
          My gf uses viber so I would love to find out if everything is ok or not

          Let me know


          1. David

            Hi Craig,

            FlexiSPY will work regardless of location, however the phone does need to have some form of internet.

  2. Justin

    Hey David. I’m currently a customer of theirs since December 2014. Since the beginning of April their portal has been down due to “Maintenance” and its really hard to get in contact with them
    Do you have any idea what going on and a way to get in touch? I’m starting to think they have ran off with our money. Their app hasn’t been collecting data since April 8th.

    1. David

      Sorry to hear about that.. I do know that they had recently expanded their storage capabilities, and they were working out some bugs with their new storage provider. My account and data still work 🙂 Also. you can always contact them at
      Let me know if everything is working again
      – David

  3. Ann Davis

    I have contacted flexispy and was sent to a link to flexiroot or perfect root. and was told by them that it was a package deal with flexi spy and the price didn’t seem to match so I got concerned. I need the phone to be rooted for all the features to work with the package that I am wanting to purchase. Is the perfect root a good company to go with? They say that they are teamed up with Flexispy. Thanks so much

    1. David

      Yes, they can root the phone for you, but it’s a cost separate from FlexiSPY.

      1. Aminda C. Fox

        I read in an article, and have seen it in YouTube videos that the company has the ability to get their software loaded in to the target phone if the target phone is unattainable. I have been looking for a phone number to call their support Dept. but am unable to locate one. Any ideas how I can confirm this info and get in touch with tech support?

        1. Klemp

          Visit the official flexispy website and call for customer support.

  4. Michael

    I wonder how it works on the call interceptions and ambient environment?

    1. David

      I’ve found that it works well most of the time. Kinda frustrating the few times that it doesn’t though.

  5. jack

    Any idea when Flexispy will support Galaxy S6 with OS 5.1.1?

    1. David

      It support 5.1.1 right now 🙂

  6. Daver

    I am wondering if this will work on my wifes Iphone 4s. I believe she is fooling around but need the proof. Do i have to get the phone JAILBROKEN? Also do all the systems actually work? like the call interception, turning on the mic or camera to see and hear whats going on? Is it hard to install and work with and is it possible for her to tell it is on the phone? Thank you I am getting very concerned and don’t know where to turn.

    1. David

      Hi Daver,

      It’s not hard to install on an iPhone, but the iPhone does need to be jailbroken.

      Once you install everything should work just as advertised.

  7. David

    Hey does it work for Samsung s7?

    1. David


  8. moha


  9. andre

    Does this work on the lastest Iphones?

  10. Kim Friederick

    All they did was steal my money!! Would never answer my chats or emails after they picked up the money at western union. Freaking losers are nothing but thieves!!

  11. Gareth

    Hi there,

    What is the install process for Flexispy once you have the target phone? How do you get the software on there?

    1. Bryan

      Does the extreme package allow you to remotely turn on the target phone’s microphone and if so do you need physical access to the phone to grant permission for the Flexispy app to access the microphone (or camera, photos, etc)?

      If it can access the microphome, how does it transmit the call data off the phone—as a single audio file when icloud backs up or in real time as a live stream?


      1. Klemp

        Physical access is required when installing the application on the device.
        The data is transmitted differently depending on the phone platform. For Apple, data is transferred via iCloud. Android can transfer data in real time.

  12. Tammy

    Does it work for a Samsung 8?

  13. Olusina Oluwatobi

    I just purchase one of the packages on Sunday and no fresh data from the target phone since installation, although it is on a normal mode (not rooted), written to support but no response still…