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10 Tell-Tale Signs You Need To Get A New SMS Tracker 2018

You’re checking the online dashboard that your SMS Tracker software gives you, looking for the latest updates to roll in. But nothing new is showing, it’s the same old messages from a few days ago, what gives?

Well, depending on what SMS Tracking software you bought, this problem isn’t all that uncommon. One day the software seems to be running smoothly, the next, all your captured data is just, gone.

But this shouldn’t be the norm, read on to see if you need to get a new SMS Tracker, and for a bonus, check out our recommended program, here, so that you don’t have to run into this problem anymore.

Signs you need to get a new SMS Tracker 2018

Below I’ve listed what I think are some pretty obvious signs that you’re in need of a new SMS Tracker, read on!

  1. The spy software company’s servers are constantly offline.
    Your data is no longer being captured or uploaded to your dashboard, wtf? Often times, if you’re no longer seeing freshly captured SMS messages, the company you bought your spy software from had it’s server’s go down. It could take weeks for their database’s to be restored and often times, restored with data missing. This problem doesn’t normally occur with the major spy app brands, such as FlexiSPY, mSpy, and Highster Mobile, but you’ll find with some of the smaller companies, it happens a lot.
  2. Only part of the captured SMS’s are being uploaded.
    Many spy app software claim to “capture SMS,” and leave it at that. But what they don’t tell you is that they only capture the text-only version of the messages. This means that if someone sends a photo, or stickers inside the message, you won’t be able to see what’s truly going on. Most of the major providers nowadays will capture all contents sent via SMS.
  3. The captured SMS messages take forever to get to your dashboard.
    This is an obvious sign that they spy app company hasn’t invested enough time and energy into their servers. A slow upload time means that their servers are under a ton of stress, from being improperly managed, or having poorly written code. If this is the case with your spy app software, you’ll probably notice other ailments, which is a good sign you need to switch.
  4. The phone that the SMS Tracker is installed on suddenly has a terrible  battery life.
    Before installing the SMS Tracking App on their phone, the battery life would be around 6-8 hours with no charging. But suddenly, after you installed the app onto their cell phone, they are getting online around 2-4 hours. This happens when a spy phone software doesn’t have smart, battery-saving technology. It’s never good when a phone has a quick-draining battery, but it’s even worse when suspicions arise after their phone’s battery suddenly cuts in half overnight.
  5. The phone that you installed the software on is receiving strange codes.
    When doing testing of various spy apps, I’ve seen awfully strange SMS messages appears on my screen. messages that look like a bunch of source code, messages that would totally be suspicious to whoever’s phone you installed the software on. Generally this happens because of a bug in the software, but the best spy phone software’s out there do have failsafes that will turn off a tracking feature if it knows that by continuing to track, it’ll no longer be operating in stealth mode.
  6. The phone’s data usage went off the roof.
     If the SMS Tracker that you installed on the person’s phone isn’t the best, you (and the person you’re monitoring) will notice at the end of the month that the data used is Waaayyy more than normal. This problem comes up in knock-off software, but typically not in the more premium software. Software like FlexiSPY, and mSpy have a setting on the control panel where you can tell the program in what intervals it should upload the data. e.g. if you only check your dashboard for updates every 2 hours or so, you can set the upload interval to be every 2 hours.
  7. The phone’s antivirus finds the SMS Tracker.
    If this happens, then you’re screwed. And, unfortunately, if you purchase a generic spy app, you run the risk of this happening. This will happen if the SMS tracking software that you downloaded doesn’t permanently make itself invisible ot the anti-virus. Normally to do this, the spy app needs SuperSU permission to be granted, and the SELinux mode needs to set to passive when you setup the software. It sounds complicated, and it is complicated to do it by yourself, so these spy software companies don’t tell you about this. A good spy app will have the advanced technology built in a way where it does all of this for you. So, no anti-virus alerts, ever.
  8. The SMS Tracker isn’t truly hidden.
    Most of the time, you’ll see the spy app advertised as completely hidden, but if you read the lengthy, 1000 page disclaimer, you’ll find a piece that basically says, “Yeah our app is hidden from the homescreen, but it can be found in the applications manager, in the installed apps list, through notifications, etc..” Now, they bury this deep so that when you try to get a refund, you’re met with a customer service representative that tells you “well, when you bought our software, you automatically agreed to our terms of use.” The end-game for you being, no refund.
  9. It’s refund policy sucks.
    If a piece of software is truly good, it’s backed up with an equally good refund policy. But too often, I’ve seen SMS Tracking apps with terrible refund policies. Policies filled with tons of loop holes, not for you to exploit, but for them! If you see that their refund policy says stuff akin to “your refund is no longer an option once you install our software and activate it onto the target device.” Normally, these policies are written up by fancy lawyers to give the software company the most complete protection possible from charge-backs and refunds. An example of a good refund policy that you should compare against would be FlexiSPY’s Refund Policy.
  10. It only tracks SMS.
    All good spy software nowadays captures much, much more than just SMS messages. If you’re SMS Tracker ONLY gives you a small glimpse into what’s going on in the phone then it’s really time to switch. The top spy phone software’s today can monitor an enumerable amount of things, such as; Facebook, Viber, LINE, WhatsApp, Photos, Videos, Call’s, Contact Info, Ambient Recordings, and so much more.

So, by now you should have learned whether or not your SMS Tracker is sub-par or not. If you did unfortunately buy a crappy SMS Tracker though, you are (surprisingly) in luck.

Many of the legit spy phone software manufacturers will offer to do what’s called a trade-in/buy back. This means that they’ll take the value of the spy app that you had previously bought, and they’ll subtract it from the cost of the new spy app package that you want. So, let’s say the spy app that you bought before cost 50 dollars. And the new spy app you want to trade in for costs 70 dollars. The software company will then only ask you to pay the 20 dollars, cool right?

If you’d like more info on this, just leave a comment in the comments section below and I’ll get back to you ASAP!


What Makes Hoverwatch an Excellent Tracking Service in 2018?

What Makes Hoverwatch an Excellent Tracking Service? The Main Benefits of the Service

In my review of Hoverwatch I want to focus on much more than just functions. Below, I have listed a combination of benefits that in my opinion, when put together, make this service unique:

It’s Invisible – any time you are using a phone tracker you want it to be hidden and impossible to find even by a real Android geek. Sometimes, you don’t want the person being tracked to know about it – for example if you suspect your employees of misbehavior. Otherwise, what’s the point of using a tracker in the first place? Luckily, the service operates in a complete stealth mode and once installed – it’s impossible to find it.

You Can Stop Tracking Any Time You Want – while the app stays invisible, sometimes you may want to stop tracking someone. Luckily, you can do that remotely, without physical access to the device. Visit your Hoverwatch dashboard to either temporarily stop tracking or disable the service on a given device completely.


Getting rid of a device from your dashboard is even easier than installing the app


It Tracks Almost All Outgoing and Incoming Communication – a lot of spy tracking apps and services, focus on recording calls and tracking text messages. Today, that’s not enough. People (especially young – like your children) communicate a lot using social media, including the most popular apps such as Facebook or WhatsApp. To come across this need, Hoverwatch is capable of tracking both of them, including images and files sent.

You Can Track More Than One Device – the service is capable of tracking up to 5 devices. If that wasn’t enough, these not necessarily have to be phones. You can install it on a Windows PC or Mac OS X computer. This is especially useful if you want to track the work of your employee on all company devices and have a comfortable view of all activities using just one dashboard. And all versions are equally easy to install.


Caption: One of the biggest advantages of Hoverwatch is the choice of devices you can install it on.


It’s Cost-Effective – For just a few bucks, you can secure your phone and get access to a lot of information about the person using the device. Considering how important is the safety of your children and security of your company, the vast number of features is very high, compared to the low price. You never know if your business information is safe – if you are an entrepreneur, sometimes recording even a few phone calls can save you thousands of dollars.

What I Didn’t like about the App?

So far, in my Hoverwatch review, I focused solely on the bright side. This is mostly because I don’t think I’ve seen a more comprehensive option for tracking a phone. The only drawback I’ve found is that it does not allow you to record Skype conversations – neither PC nor phone version has this function. Luckily, it’s not a necessity and considering Facebook and WhatsApp are much more popular, I think it’s still a terrific service.

Intuitive Pricing Options

Hoverwatch offers you a lot for a very low price. While you have to pay monthly, in the end, the return on investment can be massive – especially, if you are going to track more than one device. The latter is a perfect solution for parents worried about more than one child or business owners looking for a way to monitor their employees’ activity on all company devices. When choosing a pricing plan, it’s best to pay for 12 months upfront – this way, you will save more than 50% of the price. And, you can test the app for three days, so you’re not buying a pig in a poke


Signing up for more than one device can give you massive savings long-term

Summary – Recommended!

What I enjoyed about Hoverwatch the most is the ease of use. All you need is a one-minute installation of the app, and you can view the whole activity using an intuitive online dashboard which comes with a variety of tracking options. While it might be a little bit pricey – especially using it with just one phone – if you monitor multiple devices, the price can go really low, turning it into a very affordable tracking solution. Considering that you can install it on Android as well as on Windows and Mac OS X, it’s actually easy to lower the cost per device. To learn more about this great app, visit Hoverwatch website and sign up for a free trial – it doesn’t cost you anything and can help you make a valuable decision!


Does FlexiSPY 2018 Really Work Or Is It A Scam?

It’s been nagging at you, the feeling that lately, something just isn’t right with your girlfriend (or alternatively, boyfriend.) You want to investigate this feeling further, find the root cause.

You ask them what’s up, “hey, you ok? you’ve been acting a little strange lately, not yourself..” But what you get in return is just a “no, I’m fine, what are you accusing me of?”

So you decide to look deeper, and after looking through their computer’s search history, after checking their note’s, after trying to find any evidence that somethings amiss, and failing to find anything, your eye lands on the holy grail of info, their smart phone.

After searching the web trying to find an app that lets you secretly see what’s going on on their phone, you stumble across FlexiSPY, promising to give you certain knowledge of the deepest secrets being kept from you.

Want to see how FlexiSPY Works? Read My FlexiSPY Review & Getting Started Tutorial

But how do you trust this software company you have just recently heard of? How can you know if FlexiSPY really works before you shell out your hard-earned cash?

Learn More About FlexiSPY

This is a fair concern, after all, it’s a spy app site, it’s hard to trust a site with the word “spy” in it. Besides this point, there’s also tons of other spy application websites that you probably stumbled upon in your search for the perfect spy app for you. Your web browser is opened up with 20-30 different spy app sites, all promising to give you exactly what you searched for. How the hell are you supposed to figure out what’s real, what works, or what works poorly?

Fortunately, there’s good news:

Yes, FlexiSPY does really work, and damn well at that.

We’ve tested ton’s of spy software, SMS trackers, and more throughout the years, and can easily say that FlexiSPY is putting out some of the most advanced, but easy to use software to date.

And they’ve been able to hold this spot as the top spy software because of one main reason.

They invented the spy phone

That’s right, FlexiSPY was the first to come out in the spy app game, (even before the NSA – ha) and with that headstart they’ve been able to do things that no one else seems to be able to do.

In the time since their inception though, they’ve had a lot of copy-cats popping up, trying to steal their space. And bad copycats at that.

Spy software is a complex software that requires lots of constant development to make sure everything is working, and to maintain the invisibility of the app, but these fresh popups have been shown to be feature lacking and far from stealthy. These sites pop up for a few days, scam a lot of people, then disappear into thin air as soon as they get a bad rep.

But FlexiSPY isn’t one of these ill-maintained startups that try and fail to get into the sophisticated world of spy phones and SMS tracker software, they’re a 7-year-old company that has continued to bring new features to the tech world.

In the end, you’re going to have to make a decision, and I, a real human being am telling you that FlexiSPY really does work. I’ve spent my money on it, actually tried the thing out, and it’s never disappointed me in any deal-breaking way. That’s why, it’s the only spy app I can only recommend.

Learn More About FlexiSPY

FlexiSPY Free Trial 2018

One of the things I get asked every other day is whether or not FlexiSPY offers a free trial.

Chances are, if you’ve arrived on this page, it wasn’t by accident, and you are one of smarter few that have Googled this question.

Well, there’s good news, and bad news, so let’s getting going..

Does FlexiSPY Offer a Free Trial?

You’d think this would be an easy question to find an answer too, without having to consult with a blog, but this questions nature makes everything a little complicated.

Visiting their website you may find the FlexiSPY Free Trial page. It seems like your prayers have been answered, the spy software fairy has your back today.

But further reading into the page shows you the truth, and that is that there is no free trial per say.

No free trial.. So now what?

That’s right, while they do offer a mailing list that you can join to be notified of when the free trial program starts, they don’t advise you to join the list because we don’t want you to get your hopes up.

You see the line “our improved trial program will begin in 2015” has been around for over a year, and yet no trial.


What’s My Top Pick? Check This Out: FlexiSPY Review & Getting Started Tutorial 2016 Edition


Luckily there’s a bootlegged solution out there if you have the cash to put down, and here it is.

The solution:

The solution is to take advantage of their 10 day  money back guarantee, an absolutely  no qualms, no bs 10 day money back guarantee. Don’t like their software within 10 days? fine, send it back and they’ll give you your money back.

So this is the solution for the free trial conundrum. The purpose of a free trial is to make sure the software works before your wallet is permanently tied with whatever it is that you’re buying, and if you can get your money back no questions asked within 10 days, then this is essentially a free trial.

A few days ago FlexiSPY released a demo that is accessible from their homepage of the site to give their customers a better look inside FlexiSPY before purchasing, that’s a fair tradeoff!

What do you think about FlexiSPY not having a free trial? Let me know in the comments section below,


SMS Tracker Login – All The URLS You Need in 2018

You’ve probably downloaded your SMS Tracker and are ready to get started with spying on your target’s smartphone but you just don’t know where to login.

You’ve searched the introductory email’s, you’ve looked all over the website, you’ve checked your billing statement, but where in the hell is the login url?

The problem with most sms tracking apps is this: They don’t want to publicly provide the login url’s to people for fear of hackers trying to break into their databases.

So they hide their url’s by basically not showing them anywhere that it index-able by Google.

Try and ask them via Live-Chat? They don’t care, how does the company know that you’re really a customer? Ask them by email? Sometimes they’ll do the same thing..

It seems like you’ll never be able to login to sms tracker.

But there’s hope

I think that trying to mask to the URL’s to the login portals that you paid for is really, really dumb.

What’s my Top Pick? Check it out: FlexiSPY Review & Getting Started Tutorial 2018 Edition

In basic theory it makes sense, I guess… But really it comes down to this:

If a hacker, or hackers really want to break into a database, but don’t have the URL’s, then they are going to do what hackers do best, they’ll find the url’s regardless.

So, I’ve conveniently listed the login URL’s for the various software portals below, enjoy!

SMS Tracker Login URL’s

Here are the respective url’s for the most popular sms tracker’s our there:

  • Hoverwatch Login –
  • FlexiSPY Login –
  • mSpy Login –
  • Highster Mobile Login –
  • Gizmoquip SMS Tracker Login –
  • Spyera Login –

How To Hide the Cydia App Icon After Jailbreaking an iPhone 2018

Please raise your hand if you’ve ever wanted to hide the Cydia app icon after jailbreaking your iPhone, but didn’t know how. When you open up the home screen, you’re hit with this giant Cydia icon that is a dead giveaway that the phone has been jailbroken. How the hell are you supposed to figure out how to make this icon go away? Try googling this subject, and you’ll be led astray, paid apps galore promising to hide the app for you. Often, these apps are made by the very spy phone software that you purchased, what a rip-off.

Well, there’s some great now: Hiding the Cydia App Icon doesn’t have to be difficult, with the right tools at your disposale, you can easily make this dead giveaway icon disappear, all without the need of over-priced apps made by the very spy app companies that you bought from.

Read the rest of my guide, and I’ll show you how to hide the icon right now, When I’m done explaining your options, you’ll know exactly how to hide the Cydia App Icon after Jailbreaking an iPhone. Ready? Let’s begin!

3 Ways to Hide the Cydia App Icon

Before you start diving into hiding the icon, you need to check your iOS version and ensure that it’s up to date. Why? Because the steps that follow I’ve only tested on the latest iOS version. I’ll update this article every time there’s an iOS update, to make sure the steps still work, so don’t worry. For the time being though, these steps are valid for iOS 8.1.2 (as of 1/20/2015).

So, ensuring that the phone that you want to hide the Cydia App icon on is Jailbroken, running iOS 8.1.2, let’s begin.

Your first option, and my recommended option is to hide the Cydia app icon via SBSettings. The steps needed to do so using the program are shown below

  1. Make sure your Cydia repo’s are up to date. You can do this by going to your different repo’s, hitting edit then the update repository’s button.
  2. Add the bigboss repository to your phone, here’s instructions on how to do so
  3. Search for the app SBSettings
  4. Download and install SBSettings
  5. Open up SBSettings, where you then can toggle the visibility of ALL icons, including Cydia.

Your second option, is to use an app called Poof, The steps needed to hide the Cydia app using Poof are shown below

  1. Make sure your Cydia repo’s are up to date. You can do this by going to your different repo’s, hitting edit then the update repository’s button.
  2. Add the bigboss repository to your phone, here’s instructions on how to do so
  3. Search for the app Poof
  4. Download, and install Poof
  5. Open up Poof.
  6. Toggle Cydia to OFF

Your final option, is to use an app called Shrink. With this app, the icon isn’t actually removed from the homescreen, it’s just shrunken to be so small that the human eye can’t see (which is why it’s number 3 on my list, and I can’t really recommend it. ) But, if you must you this app, then below are the steps needed to use Shrink to kind of hide the Cydia Icon.

Make sure that your repo’s are up to date – you should know how to do this already 😉

  1. Search for the app called Shrink
  2. Download and install Shrink
  3. Open up Shrink.
  4. Play with the settings until the Cydia app is completely “hidden.”

That’s the final option, so by now, if you read all of the post, you should have some method that works for you for getting rid of that pesky Cydia Icon.

Of course, the best spy apps, like FlexiSPY, give you the option to hide the Cydia Icon and all traces of the jailbreak without installing any secondary apps. But you should know that if you do ever deactivate and uninstall the software from the target’s phone, you’re gonna be in a world of trouble if you don’t have a backup plan. Why? Because when you uninstall a spy app software like FlexiSPY from your phone, you’re als0 essentially uninstalling the program that was built into the software that effectively hid the cydia icon.

This is something I wish that more spy phone companies would do, but you should be safe now that you’ve read my post!

So basically, when you go to uninstall whatever spy app was on the phone, make sure you this guide open on a separate device or better yet, have these instructions printed out so that you can quickly re-hide the icon.

If you don’t want to re-hide the icon, and just want to get rid of the jailbreak period then there’s a safe and easy way to do so.

To completely reformat the phone, all you need to do is plug the iOS device into a computer that has iTunes on it, and hit the “factory restore” button. Of course if you do this, all of the apps and settings are going to be deleted. But, it WILL remove that jailbreak.

As always, let me know if you have any questions or concerns, in the comments section below, I’m happy to help!