4 ways to hack any Facebook account and how to protect against hacking

How hack a Facebook account Tips & Tricks

We have collected effective methods for how to hack an account on a Facebook social network. When they talk about ways that do not work, and also give tips on how to protect your own account from hacking.

What is the best way to hack a Facebook account from a smartphone?

Often, everyone knows that this information will allow you to get the necessary skills.

And that you’ll be able to find out the password from your girlfriend’s, friend’s, or anyone else’s profile, and also protect your own profile from hacking.

Is it possible to hack a Facebook account?

Despite the fact that Facebook cares a lot about security, there are several ways to hack any Facebook account.

Some of them can be illegal in your country.

This is why, before hacking, you must learn the laws and decide whether hacking is worth it.

If you think that only professional hackers can hack an account, you are wrong.

A regular person can also do it – even you! Below you will find ways to hack a Facebook account.

However, be careful, as just like you can hack someone, someone else can hack you too!

We have collected tips on how to protect your own account from hacking.

Change the Facebook page password

Hack Facebook page

The easiest way to “hack” someone else’s account is to change its password. As a rule, this is effective if the person is familiar to you.

The first thing you must know is the email address that is used to login.

If you do not know it, you can ask the target for it, or look on the Facebook page in the contact information if the person has indicated it there.

Usually, people have only one email address that they use for social network accounts and sending emails.

You can ask for the email address using a logical reason – for example, you want to send pictures and so on.

Then you must simulate a password loss situation. Click on the button “Forgot your password?” and enter your login email. Do not forget to tick “this is my account”. The system will offer to change the password via mail.

Of course, you are not satisfied with this option, because you do not know the password from the email. Therefore, it is necessary to press the button “no longer have access to this email?”.

The system will ask how else to contact you. Enter an email address that is not linked to any Facebook account.

Then a question will appear, and only the account owners know the answer. Here, it is necessary to either guess or find out this answer in a circuitous way.

Enter the answer and change your password. After 24 hours, you’ll have access to the target account.

If this can not be done, you can choose the option to restore your account with the help of friends. The system sends three or five friends different passwords that you must enter to access your account.

You can either create new accounts and add them as friends of the person you want to hack or negotiate with the friends of this person so that they’ll tell you the password.

How to protect against this

This method seems very simple, and it is really quite easy to do. However, this method is not very effective.

You can use it to hack only a person you know very well. This is why you do not have to be afraid that someone will hack your profile using such a method. However, if you want to protect against this, you should remember:

  1. Your Facebook account should be linked to a specially created email address. It would be nice to have separate email addresses for chatting and Internet services.
  2. Your email should not be displayed in the contact information.
  3. Carefully select your security question and answer. Be sure that it is impossible to find the answer from your Facebook page. For example, do not create a question about birthdays and anniversaries, names of pets, first teachers in school, and so on. All this is easily recognizable from your friend’s page.
  4. Do not add people you do not know. And if you already have – delete them. No new accounts or “left” friends will be able to “share” the password to your account with the hacker.

Do not rely on even your closest friends or spouse. If you think they can not hack you – you are wrong.

The statistics indicate that the people closest to you are more interested in learning about your private life than somebody who does not know you.

Just think: Who would be interested in your account? Scammers usually do not want to hack your social network account, as it is hard to make a profit there.

If you cannot save your account, as soon you recognize that your password has been stolen, change it not on Facebook. Also, renew your email password.


What program can hacking Facebook

Keylogger is a program that records all the keys pressed by the user of the computer or smartphone on which it is installed.

In this year, people use mobile phones more often than PCs. This is why if you want to steal a password, you have to install the keylogger on the smartphone.

Smartphones are usually a more effective source, as PCs and laptops often have antivirus software. Meanwhile, on smartphones only a few people have antiviruses.

We recommend Hoverwatch – it is a multi-functional spy app for Android smartphones. With this spy app you can:

  • Catch the password that the user typed in his browser on Facebook Messenger;
  • Look at the browser history;
  • Take screenshots;
  • And much more.

This tool was invented for those who care about their kids and the people they love. You can also imagine your own way to use it.

The program for hacking Facebook (to catch the password) can be manually installed on an Android smartphone by you, or you can ask the target to install the app. For example, you can ask to try a new program and so on – create a good story and go on!

The keylogger is turned on with the Android smartphone starts and runs unnoticed.

Information about which keys were pressed during a given period of time is collected in the control panel.

You will see what exactly the person typed on which website.

You will see, for example, email addresses and passwords. Of course, if the password has been saved in the browser, you will not see it, as keyloggers work only for typing.

The good news is that you can take a screenshot of the target’s phone – it may give you the information you are seeking. For example, you will see the full contact list or conversations.

How to protect yourself

Facebook How to protect yourself This is a nice method that really works, but if it works against you, it is not so nice.

If you want to protect yourself from this method of hacking, follow this advice:

  1. Do not leave your phone unattended.
  2. Make a PIN code – it’ll protect your phone from installation by someone sitting next to you
  3. Install antivirus – it will protect your phone from keylogger installation by hackers and scammers.
  4. Update your operating system and software.
  5. Regularly change passwords. Create alternative passwords at least twice a month. This will complicate a hacker’s life and make the information he receives irrelevant.

These five simple tips will protect you. However, do not forget to occasionally check your phone manually. Look at strange activities (blinking, buzzing, and so on) and pay attention to the software that has been installed.


This is the most complicated way to hack a Facebook account, but at the same time, it is one of the most common.

Phishing is creating a false copy of the page on which the target enters his/her login and password. This page can be sent to a potential target of hacking in any way – in WhatsApp, in email and other ways.

It looks exactly the same as the Facebook home page, but if a person enters his/her username and password, this information will be immediately sent to the creator of the false page.

The complexity of this method lies in the fact that you must have website creation skills. Moreover, it’s not free; you have to buy website hosting and pay for the domain name. If you want to do it for free, there are some free hosting and domains available.

You can even hire somebody to create a fake copy of the Facebook home page if you do not have the skills to make it yourself and do not have time to learn.

However, in recent times, users rarely log onto Facebook via third-party links. The protection of electronic mailboxes from phishing is becoming more effective every year. This is why this method works less effectively than it did before.

Ideally, of course, you must create a full-fledged copy of Facebook. Then the phishing website will look more believable.

How to protect yourself

Do not click on links that come to your email. In such letters, you will be persuaded to log into Facebook by clicking on the site for a specific link.

For example, a hacker will send you a notification that you have an unread message. It can be even smarter – some hackers send messages that your profile has been hacked and that you must protect it via the link.

It is better to immediately delete such letters, then open Facebook through your own bookmarks and calmly log in.

Please note that phishing messages can come not only to an email inbox. They can also come in online chats, SMS correspondence and even other websites. Pop-up ads are also fraught with danger.

Try not to click on everything that looks bright and striking. Finally, use antiviruses – for example, Kaspersky or McAfee. These antiviruses have excellent built-in features to protect your Facebook account from phishing.

Theft of cookies Facebook

Facebook Theft of cookies

Cookies are small pieces of data sent by a web server and stored on the user’s computer. This data contains information that a hacker can get if he is connected to the same network as the user. Then cookies can be used to hack Facebook accounts.

Theft of cookies is not password theft, but nevertheless, it gives access to the account because cookies allow you to “trick” the computer, to make it think that a hacker has entered, for example, on Facebook from the same place of the browser as the target of theft.

To get cookies in Firefox, you can use the Firesheep application. It collects cookies from computers connected to the same Wi-Fi network and saves them for future use.

If the target is still logged into Facebook, the hacker can easily log into the same account.

As soon as the account is left from the target’s computer, access to the account is closed for the hacker, too.

How to protect yourself

Go to your account settings on Facebook. In the Security section, activate safe browsing.

Firesheep – the plugin mention above – does not see cookies if you use connection encryption, for example, HTTPS. Therefore, avoid sites with an HTTP connection. Always use SSL – secure cryptographic protocols.

Use Firefox applications such as HTTPS-Everywhere or Force-TLS, which exclude unreliable connections. Such extensions also exist for Safari, Chrome, Opera, and other popular web browsers.

Whenever you get up from your computer, log out of all accounts. Firesheep cannot influence an account if it is closed.


Facebook account Brute-forceBrute-force is a method of targeted password matching.

Sometimes the selection is done manually, but usually, special software is used.

For brute-force, you must download the appropriate software or find time to try different passwords manually.

Brute-force can not be done without ready-made combinations. Therefore, you must find a good password base – a dictionary. It contains a complete list of popular PINs. You can find a dictionary on any hacker forum or you can buy a base. The larger the base, the more likely a positive outcome. However, the process will take much more time.


  • You can try the brute-force method manually;
  • If there is a ready-made dictionary and software, no special programming knowledge is required. Everything is done simply;
  • Performance reaches 100%;
  • Dictionaries can be compiled independently, found on forums, or bought;
  • There is a chance of getting brute-force software for free – search on Torrent websites.

There are also disadvantages:

  • The process takes a lot of time;
  • If the profile is protected by a password of 12-15 characters, the selection will be long and difficult;
  • Free dictionaries posted on hacker forums have been used many times. Their effectiveness leaves much to be desired;
  • The program that you download and install can introduce a virus to your computer.

How to run brute force:

  • Install the utility;
  • In the parameters, specify the port and host;
  • Select a protocol;
  • Enter the number of threads (depending on the speed of the whole process);
  • Set a timeout;
  • Connect the proxy or socks – for anonymity and security;
  • Specify additional settings. They are different, depending on the protocol;
  • Mark the form type and select GET or POST.

Do not forget about the dictionary, as without it the program won’t work.

How to protect yourself

Use powerful passwords, that:

  1. Are longer than 12 characters;
  2. Contain symbols and numbers;
  3. Are written in a different register (small and capital letters);

Do not forget to change your password at least once per month, and don’t make a combination from the past passwords, such as adding 1 or plus at the end of it.

What is the best way to hack a Facebook account from a smartphone?

How hack a Facebook from a smartphone

You can combine all the methods mentioned above. The best method is the method that brings you results – you get the password.

Hacking a Facebook account is as real as an account in other social networks.

And it isn’t necessary that the target’s phone be at your disposal, as you can hack a Facebook account with a link to the target’s account.

For remote hacking, you must turn to professionals or use Hoverwatch.

Hoverwatch is an effective way to learn the password, as the app can save typed symbols.

All you need is to download Hoverwatch and install it on the target’s phone. The app works remotely and in a short time can collect the necessary data for you.

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