Should I Buy FlexiSPY 2019 EXTREME or PREMIUM?

call recording to you How important is

What if the version you buy doesn’t have all of the features that you want? What if you only need a few features, and end up overpaying for features you’ll never use?

  • You’ve read the reviews.
  • You’ve done the research.
  • You’ve looked at all the options.
  • You’re confident that you want to go ahead and buy FlexiSPY.

But then you go to check-out, and you realize, there’s two versions of FlexiSPY.

This thought can creep up into everyone’s mind.

But there is a right choice.

As buyers, you and I are on the front lines of a battle of misinformation.

We need to be able to see past the marketing B.S. We need to be able to know exactly what features we really are going to be using. We need to make sure that those features we want are included in our plans. We don’t want to overpay.

Looking For A Legit Opinion?

But this can feel like an impossible task. How can we decide between the different versions?

Well, it’s actually not that hard.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve tested almost all of the main spy phone software on the market, and because of it I have developed a list of the 6 most important points to consider before buying EXTREME or PREMIUM.

Sound good?

Top 6 Things To Consider

Do you want a built in password cracker

FlexiSPY EXTREME comes with their unique password cracker built in. Once the program is activated, it automatically cracks most of the popular apps such as Facebook, Hangouts, Viber, etc.. Then it displays those passwords for you to see. Purchased separate, this program costs 80 bucks. PREMIUM doesn’t come with this password cracker, so it’s a big thing to consider.

How important is call recording to you

When they answer that call, sure, you’ll see a notification of it later in your dashboard, but what if you could actually hear what took place on the call. That’s

That’s what you get with call recording, conveniently dated sound bytes that include information such as who was calling, what there number was, etc..

This is an EXTREME feature only, and there’s no additional add-on that you can buy for it.

Call interception or not

Sometimes you just might need to hear the conversation as soon as it’s happening, and for this you’ll need the call interception -which is an EXTREME only deal – You’ll be able to set various numbers that you want FlexiSPY to keep an eye on. Then, as soon as one of those numbers interacts with the target phone, you’ll receive an SMS that the call is taking place. You then call the target phone, and you’ll be secretly patched in..

REM Cam (aka, remote image capture)

With REM cam, you’ll see a small yellow camera icon on your FlexiSPY dashboard. Hit it, and the target phone’s camera will turn on, without any sound or notification, and snap a photo. You can decide whether you want the picture to be taken from the front, or the back camera.

Now while honestly, most of the time, the target will probably have their phone or in their pocket when out and about. But let’s say they are at work, lunch, dinner, etc.. their phone will most likely be on the table, so you could get a good view of the surroundings.

Something we like to do, is send a normal text to the target, that way they check their phone, and then we immediately take a remcam photo, that way their phone is faced the correct way for a pic to be taken. If you just buy PREMIUM, you’re not gonna have this feature, so keep this in mind.

Ambient Recording

This is kinda like REM Cam, but with audio.

Just hit the “start ambient recording” button and the target phone’s main microphone will turn on – again, in secret – you can set the supposed duration of the recording beforehand, or just let it go on until the maximum single recording time (20 minutes,) is reached.

You can also set planned ambient recordings, so say if you know that the target eats lunch at 1pm everyday, and is supposed to be driving home at 5pm, you can set the recordings to take place at those times. You can even specify it down to the days of the week. (EXTREME only though)

Do you need Spoof SMS

Spoof SMS is something we often get asked about, as it can be a little confusing. So let us clear this up.

Spoof SMS is where you send a text message to the target phone that they see, but it looks like it’s coming from whatever number you want it to come from. For example, say you want to see how they will respond to a flirtatious text, you can send a Spoof SMS, making it look like it’s coming from whatever number you want it to be (literally, it can even be 000-222-3333) and see how they respond to it. If this is something that intrests you, then we recommend that you take FlexiSPY EXTREME.

And that’s really it.

If you don’t really need any of the 6 things we’ve listed above, then you don’t need to buy EXTREME.

But, if any one of these things is vital in your investigation, you’re gonna need to shell out the extra cash to make sure you get what you need.

Whatever the case, if you buy a version that turns out not the be the best version for you, there’s a 10 day refund policy that should cover you. Or, if you want to upgrade, you just contact support who will help you out.

Learn More About FlexiSPY

So, make your decicision, and then go to checkout by clicking on the link below. And as always, if you have any questions about this article, please leave a message in the comments section below.

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