How to Monitor Kids Phone without Them Knowing

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As a parent, it is absolutely your responsibility and concern to guide your kids properly. If your kids are using smartness, it is important to monitor their cell phone activity.

What they are doing online, who they are texting to, where they sending emails and receiving from and, what they do on Snapchat and so on.

All these are important from the perspective of parents because they are likely to influence the kid’s behaviour in an indelible way. It may sometimes, not be in the interest of the family and society. Therefore, parents should monitor kids phone.

Spyware programme for phones what is it

With the advancement of technology, it has become possible for parents to keep a tab on their kids’ online activity by spying on kids’ smartphones.

And, your kid has a smartphone with access to the Internet.

You’re concerned about your kid’s exposure to various websites and what they are texting to friends. When they are home you can check out their mobile.

However, when they are away, you can monitor their online behaviour as well by spying on their smartphone. Yes, you can do.

You can install a spying program, a piece of software on your kid’s smartphone to monitor kids phone.

By this, you can know the browsing history, text messages, photos, apps installed, GPS location, emails, contacts, etc.

The law recognizes the right of parents to control on their children by taking anything from them when they behave badly, you have to be the owner of the phone (or any other device) on which you install the phone spying software.

When you give your kid a smartphone with your ownership, your kid will assume it is not their own and you have given the favour to use it.

So, they are likely to continue to behave responsibly so that you will continue to allow them to use the smartphone. This is one way of parental control.

It is better to tell them they are being monitories by you online. If your kid is below 18, their consent is not required.

If you let them know it will be easy for you to build trust and use dialogue honestly because you both know the cell phone is being tracked to monitor kids phone.Spyware app for control

However, as per law, it is purely your discretion whether you tell you or not tell your kid that you’re using mobile tracking software.

Why you need to use applications to control

A software application like hoverwatch for smartphone tracking installed in your kid’s phone enables you to track calls (incoming & outgoing), call recording, text messages, contacts, chats, calendar details, social media (Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc.), GPS location, activity on the Internet and more.

Thus, the software application can help you track all the activities perfumed by your kid online.

What the program can control

Once installed on your kid’s Android/iPhone, it will help you keep a close watch on your kinds activity online.

You can control your kids’ access to certain websites or completely blocking similar websites.

Thus, you can selectively filter the consent that your kid accesses online if you wish your kid not access social media network, emails, etc.

how to monitor kids phone


What can you do?

  • Track the activities of their children in social networks.
  • Set for the child that he made a bet, time for homework and so on.
  • Control your child’s access to the telephone itself.
  • Completely block their access to a mobile phone.
  • Monitor your child’s phone in real time.
  • Сontrol your access to the Internet a well by fixing a limit in terms of timings in cases of social media websites or games.

Thus, you can disable access to the Internet during the school hours.

What can be seen after installing the program

Once you install the software to monitor kids phone, you will get real-time updates on what your kid is doing online on their smartphone.

You are likely to see some change in the mobile phone using behaviour after the installation. Thus, as you kinds are being monitored they the time limit, etc. is restricted.

Now you enjoy peace of mind because you can get updates on your kids’ activity.

Further, it will also obstruct your kid’s access to objectionable sites, as those are in gaming, pornography, and so forth.

The more important than anything else is mental peace, and you will have less anxiety on your kid’s online activity, you stay focused.

A story about using a program to control your child

Susan is a busy executive in an IT company in Seattle, the United States, needs to stay occasionally beyond working hours.

At home are her nine-year daughter kid Donna and husband Tom. Tom also works as well in a small company. Susan and Tom bought a smartphone for their kid.

Initially, the parents did not have any scruples regarding the behaviour of their kid.

However, recently, Susan read some reports on the mal-behaviour of kids using smartphones and other devices.

The parents were shocked and were planning to install a good quality paid app to monitor kids phone.

The parents often found that their daughter spends on game websites. She plays games a lot; often spends long hours even at home while the parents are away. Susan bought the app and installed on their kid’s phone without her knowledge. Now, Donna is able to access her video games for a limited time.

The change intrigued her and she spoke about it to the parents. They acknowledged it and were happy.

Now, Susan and Tom are happy because they know what their kid is doing online at any moment, they can control it thanks to the software to monitor kids phone.


The advent of high-quality smart devices and the high-speed Internet have made it easy for everyone to perform online activities. That is fine.

When it comes to kids, it is important to make sure that they are not subject to the evil influence because of the functional content online.

For this, parents can play a vital role to control and monitor their kids’ online activities. It is officially legal to do so.

The law leaves it parents’ desire whether they need to let it known to their kids.

By using software applications to monitor kids phone will protect the greater interest of civil society.

There are many reports regarding parents have dealt such sensitive issues with kids in a balanced manner.

To build a vibrant civil society, it is important to keep kids from all the negative influence of Internet technology and its applications.

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