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Spywares for android phones became a common phenomenon with the advent of Smartphone flooding the market. The need for the applications saw the light when trust factor in lot of personal and professional relationships got spiced up. Today, there are hundreds of players that have entered spyware software market for android phones.

When we have all the resources and best of best software available, It has become troublesome to find out which spyware is best for us.

Our analysis will provide you a brief yet comprehensive scene of the Best Spyware for Android Phones in the market and how you should go about selecting them.

  • Do you know whether you children are safe?
  • Do you know whether your professional information of your company is safe?
  • Do you know whether your other half is safe and secured in their new place?

All these questions troubled a lot of us when we were technologically handicapped to monitor the activities of our near and dear ones.

But don’t you worry; we understood your problem and decided to do a detailed analysis and comparison of top spywares available for your Android and iPhone in the market.

Comparative Analysis of Spywares for Android Phones

To make our comparison more accurate and detailed, we considered Six factors, which are at par and represent industry’s Standards.

Our unique six factor framework ensured that the comparison nectars out the best spywares for our readers.

The factors are as follows:

  • Accessibility and Cycle Time
  • Features Coverage
  • Pricing and Validity
  • Ease of Use
  • Stability and Design Monitoring Facility
  • Other Factors

We analyzed the following spywares namely :

  • Hoverwatch,
  • Mspy,
  • FlexiSpy,
  • Highster Mobile,
  • Spyzie.
  • Spyera Soul
[/one_third] [one_third]
  • Spy Soul,
  • Easy Spy Pro,
  • Easy Spy,
  • Stealth Genie,
  • PhoneSheriff
[/one_third] [one_third_last]
  • Mobilestealth,
  • Spy Bubble,
  • Imobi spy,
  • Rio spy,
  • Innova spy

and few others.

After a careful analysis of spywares for android phones, we found out that Mspy, Hoverwatch and Flexispy has performed better on the parameters making to the A+’ club of spywares for Android phones.

While other spywares like Highster, Flexispy, Spyera Phone and Spy soul made to the A’ list of spywares.

Other spywares have not performed at par because of poor performance on factors like advance features, app stability, customer feedback and limited validity.

During our analysis we found spywares like Spy Soul, Imobi spy, Highster to have lifetime license duration.

So users who would like to compromise on some features and own a spyware that is much pocket friendly can go for the same.

Hoverwatch (

mobile apps for tracking

Hoverwatch has won our hearts with it’s easy to use interface, simple yet effective services like tracking calls, internet history, pictures taken through camera and special stealth mode to help you stay secret.

Moreover, it can cater upto five devices which according to our research is the need of an average user. It is hence, the spyware is cost effective.

Buy Hoverwatch now

Mspy (

mSpy is cell phone tracking software

Another spyware we found Mspy interesting was Embedded with all the required features, Mspy plays upon the accuracy and data management.

It’s speciality is in providing unique services like Keylogger which help you tap into the texts that your children types on their mobile and covers most of the social apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat and others.

Mspy is bit more expensive than Hoverwatch but it is worth the price.

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Flexispy (

mobile monitoring software FlexiSPYâ„¢

FlexiSPY is ourrecent favorites as it has a modern and unbeatable user interface with bestupdated technology and services you can imagine.

Is is supported by most soldmobile brands like iPhone, Samsung, Motorola, HTC, LG and others Android phones.

It is a perfect app for your personal and professional needs.

It helps you in monitoring your employees, family members and friends for whom you care.

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Our Final Verdict

After carefully analyzing some of the top spywares available for android phones, we could find out the best of best available for you and got you a brief yet comprehensive analysis for the same.

We would strongly recommend you spywares like FlexiSPY, Mspy, Hoverwatch and Highster mobile which has performed better than other spywares.

Moreover, if you are looking for lifetime license and pocket friendly spywares then you can opt for spywares we have listed in the analysis section.

Finally, It is important to consider the right factors like we did to choose the best spyware for the Android and iPhone you own, as it can be the savior for you and your near ones in not so distant future.

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