What the Heck Is an SMS Tracker in 2022?

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Over the past few months, you may have heard some chatter about the NSA’s spy program, and the rise of other spy apps that even the public can download and install.

And so it’s not surprising that a lot of this chatter is specifically directed towards a piece of software called an SMS Tracker

According to Wired’s Threat Level, buyers of SMS Tracking software have increased by 328% over the past two years alone, and it’s estimated that over 4.5 million people have installed this type of software on phones across America and the world.

And as with any new software that comes bounding on the scene, there are a lot of questions, “What the Heck is an SMS Tracker?”

Read on to find out precisely what an SMS tracker is, and after, be sure to visit my favorite one, here

What is an SMS Tracker, and how does it work?

An SMS Tracker is a piece of software, customarily bundled together to do many other things besides SMS tracking that allows you to secretly capture and see all SMS messages sent and received from whoever’s phone the app was installed on.

The software generally saves the captured SMS’s and sends them to a secure dashboard for the users viewing.

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As with most spy app software, users can install it invisibly, no icon will be shown, and the owner of the phone they installed it on will never know that their SMS’s are being logged and sent via an internet connection.

Some of these apps even have network-saving smart technology built in so that the internet used to upload the captured SMS messages will be at a bare minimum.

Thinking like a spy: 10 Ways to Use an SMS Tracker

If you come into possession of an SMS tracking app. then you might be wondering just what to do with it.

I’ve brainstormed a list of ideas (and found real-life examples) for the various uses of SMS tracking software.

Make sure your kids are safe

Let’s start with the basics here. Nowadays, If you have young ones running around, you’re more than likely going to find them running with a smartphone in their hand.

More often than not, they’re always going to be texting who you hope are their friends, but how can you be sure?

Kids are smart and sneaky; we all know this.

SMS Tracker

When you go to check their phone, they’ve frequently already deleted the nefarious texts you were hoping to find (or not to find.)

So, installing an SMS tracking app to monitor what they are doing is going to be a necessity.

Seeing if your spouse is faithful or not

There’s that nagging feeling, a knot in the stomach, a sense that something is not right. They have password-protected their phone recently.

They are making a noticeable effort to try and keep it with them at all times, their phone always on silent.

All of these can be signs of their unfaithfulness, but you’ll never know until you have some proof.

Installing an SMS Tracker onto their phone is one of the most convenient and time-saving ways to confirm your suspicions or not.

Are they not messing around? Great, you can move on from your suspicions and continue to build your relationship with them.

But they are messing around? Well, you’ve just saved yourself years of your life, thousands of dollars, and tons of grief that would have all come to light when they eventually slipped up.

Monitoring your husband’s primal urges

I’m a guy. And I can tell you that yes, sometimes my attraction towards a member of the opposite sex can lead me down a path that could become an affair.

Luckily, I was blessed with a strong will (or I’m just socially lazy), and I can control any biological emotion that I feel within a few seconds.

But, some guys just can’t what’s been bred into their DNA, the need to procreate with as many viable people as possible.

how work SMS Spy Apps

But even so, does this mean you should let your husband sleep with other women and cheat on you? Of course not.

It is your life, you should be in control of it, and that’s just never going to happen if the person that you trust is doing you wrong.

So by downloading an SMS tracker onto their phone, you’re essentially getting a virtual judge that will lay down the verdict on the real nature of your husband.

Ensuring that your grandparents aren’t taking advantage of

That means mom and dad, your grandfather, or your grandmother.

This includes practically all of these elderly, and why? Because the elderly are one of the demographics most susceptible to abuse. And scams.

There are hundreds of thousands of scammers in the world whose only target is older adults who aren’t as tech-savvy and are more trusting than people of our generation.

By installing an SMS Tracker onto their phone, you can know exactly who is talking with them at all times.

Make sure your employees aren’t leaking secrets

It happens so often, a disgruntled, or just an asshole of an employee that you trust decides they want to sell company secrets to your competition for some quick bucks.

 With no concern for you, your company, or the livelihood that your company provides all your employees, what gave your business an edge is suddenly gone.

new SMS Tracker

This could devastate your entire business, just one single employee.

But by putting an SMS tracker on their phone, you’re going to have a much better insight into what is going on in that head of theirs.

Preventing your employees from doing illegal activities on the job

As an employer, you can be held responsible for your employee’s illicit actions.

Say, for example, a male employee is harassing a female co-worker.

If the road goes down the physical lane, you could be held liable for the events that took place, for not having systems in place to make a good environment for your workers properly.

But if you monitor their SMS messages, you are upping your chances of finding that essential information early on that could be lurking on their phones.

Monitoring a parolee

If you’re a corrections officer and you’re not tracking your parolee’s SMS messages, I urge you to start.

I have a few friends that are and were in the past, corrections officers.

The easiest and safest way to keep tabs on their parolees they’ve told me is by using SMS tracking software on their phones.

You’ll be able to know without a doubt if they are honoring the law, or if they are back to their old ways.

Keeping tabs on the wife to be

You’re going to spend the rest of your life with this person, you know it, and they know it.

That’s when the pressure pushes through any moral cracks they might have.

I’ve heard of many, many cases where just days before the wedding, the bride cheats on her soon-to-be husband through a hookup app like Tinder, just because she thinks she’s entitled to her last nights of freedom.

Phone Tracking

And then she leaves you with the freedom to bring up a child that might not be yours, Ouch.

By putting an SMS Tracker on her phone, you’ll know exactly what she was up to during that bachelorette party. Just be prepared for surprises.

Keeping tabs on the soon to be husband

It honestly doesn’t help that at our bachelor’s party, all of our guy friends are just egging us on to get with a gal or two before the marriage deed is done.

With tons of tequila shots in the mix and the fact that girls find men that are about to be married more attractive than just a guy in a healthy relationship, there’s probably going to be trouble.

He could catch an STD and bring it right home to you, possibly harming any babies you have in the future.

Looking out for teen drug use

Firstly, I want to get my opinion out there, which you might not agree with, but here I go anyways.

If your teen is smoking pot, don’t go nuts on them.

Everyone’s smoked pot before (looking at you.) But what they don’t understand is the risks involved in getting this substance.

Buying it and getting caught with, it has more of an impact than smoking it, so by monitoring their SMS messages.

You’ll be able to know how your teen is obtaining the drug, what kind of medication is it actually, are you’ll be able to diagnose the threat level.

So, now that you’ve read through this post, you should have a pretty clear idea of what an SMS Tracker is and how you use one to find out exactly what you need to know.

Feel free to ask any questions that you might have in the comments section below.

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    An SMS Tracker is a piece of software, customarily bundled together to do many other things as well, that can be installed on a target device in order to monitor and record all incoming and outgoing text messages from that device. In 2022, they will be used by parents and employers to keep track of their loved ones’ and employees’ activities, particularly in terms of who they are talking to and what they are saying.