Cell Phone Spy Software Reviews | My 2019 Top Picks

Hey guys! My name is David Meyer and this is my blog about cell phone spy software and apps such as FlexiSPY, mSpy, Highster Mobile, and more.

I’ve been in this game for a long time, since the very beginning, and I have lots of  knowledge to share when it comes to what monitoring apps are legit, and which are not-so-obviously, phonies. Here’s the kicker:

There’s actually a lot of sms tracking apps/spy apps out there that are junk. And most times, if you end up purchasing one of the bad ones, you’re not going to be able to get a refund. That’s why I feel that it’s really important for this post to be read through too the end.

Anyways, enough with my rant, let’s take a look at my favorties. (basically, any spy software I list below is one that I’ve tried and tested, time and time again, and you can rest assured that any one of them is a safe pick)

Most Kick-Ass Spy Phone Software Of 2019

Let’s get started with my top picks. I’m going to list them in order of MY preferences. And while this is just my opinion, I have pretty valid reasons for why I’ve made them the way I have.

#1 FlexiSPY’s EXTREME and PREMIUM software.

FlexiSPY has gotta be my favorite spy phone software over-all.. It’s 100% undetectable (you are given the option to hide the icon during installation,) it can capture Viber Chats, Facebook Chats, Skype Chats, it acts as an SMS Tracker, it works as a cell phone GPS tracker, and much, much, more. It’s available for Android 5.0.2 devices

Luckily, It’s available for the majority of all smartphones. That means (up to) Android 5.0.1 devices, then for iPhone you’re good up to 8.0.2. Blackberry is also supported, as well as some basic/old school Nokia windows phones.

FlexiSPY is NOT available for newer Windows phones – in fact no cell phone spy software or sms tracker is, – so please, do not purchase it if you need to spy on a Windows phone.

(Explore all the features of FlexiSPY (2019 top pick) by heading to their site)

Alright, so what makes FlexiSPY so great?

Is it dependable, does it run secretly, does it track all the variables you’re gonna need to track in your investigation?

Hell yeah it is!

Let’s go over some of the main features of FlexiSPY (the ones you are actually going to be using..)

Spying on Viber Chats:

That’s right, with FlexiSPY you can monitor all the Viber chats that are going on in the phone that you are trying to monitor. It captures all of the senders of the messages, as well as their names and usernames. Any “stickers” that were sent are also captured.

SMS Tracking: 

Some people don’t use messaging apps such as Viber. That’s not a problem with most modern spy software, in-fact I’m fairly certain that It’s easier for the developers to make sms-tracking happen than it is for them to make some of the more advanced tracking feature work. Regardless, FlexiSPY handles this very well and captures of course, both sides on the convo, the contact info on both sides, pictures, voice recordings, etc..

Skype Chats: 

Of course to see the big picture you’re going to need to be able to spy on their Skype conversations. It’s the same deal as it is with every app that FlexiSPY captures, it gets all sides of the conversation, as much contact detail as possible, and a lot more.

Crack their phone password:

Once you install FlexiSPY onto their phone, their built-in password cracker will find out all the passwords that exist on the phone and lay them neatly out for you in your dashboard. This btw is only available with their EXTREME version.

Track their cell phone’s GPS:

Essential right? Well you’re in luck. FlexiSPY has some pretty unique abilities when it comes to tracking their GPS location. Besides that basics, you can export all the gps data into Google maps and take a sorta virtual tour of where they’ve been. The records will exist in your dashboard for as long as you have a subscription with them, but otherwise you can always just download the records for your safe, permanent keeping.

Does FlexiSPY work with Android smartphones?


FlexiSPY officially works with – up to – Android OS 5.0.1. Most Android smart phones aren’t even up to this OS version, and only a very few phones are above this verision, so you shouldn’t have any bad luck installing FlexiSPY onto any Android phones. If the phone that you want to track though isn’t “officially” supported, you can always buy the software anyways and try to use it on the phone. If it doesn’t work, they have a 10 day refund policy, so you can always get your money back ;)

Does FlexiSPY work with iPhone and iPad?


FlexiSPY will work on up to iOS 8.1.2.

Basicially, the thing to keep in mind is that for any spying application for iPhone, you absolutely have to jailbreak the phone first in order for it to work. So, if there isn’t a jailbreak available for the iOS version of the persons phone that you want to track, then you’re not going to be able to install anything on it. Right now the highest jailbreakable iOS version is 8.1.2 so that’s where FlexiSPY -and the rest of the spy app software in the world- is at.

  • Cost: FlexiSPY Premium version – $69.99, FlexiSPY Extreme version – $149 (1-Year License)
  • Developer: Flexispy, Ltd.
  • Visit their website: http://www.flexispy.com


#2 – Highster Mobile’s Spy App.

Highster Mobile is my second favorite spy software.

Since being released in 2007, They claim to have sold their software to over 1 million customers – this makes it (supposedly) one of the top spy apps of all time –

Their website though, doesn’t do that good of a job of selling the software, or the company behind it though. However, sometime’s after using a product, you come to a different realization than what you first thought of due to the sketchy looking nature of the site.

So, bearing that in mind, I’ve purchased Highster Mobile, and tested it to see whether or not they can convince me of first judgment.

What type of Spy Software is Highster Mobile?

I’d like to point out that there people have different thought’s on what makes a good spying app: spying apps should be soley focus on doing one –or a few things- very very well, versus having something that has the most features possible, but, “it’s okay if they all don’t work properly.”

I’d have to say that the makers behind Highster Mobile have gone for the second latter and have made an all-around spying app that tries to encompass all aspects of the job that might need to be done.

If you want something that only does GPS tracking, and SMS tracking, and does it REALLY well, then this is not the app for that. There are plenty of standalone apps on the marketplace that only do this – but really, how useful is that when most people nowadays using messaging apps and so forth –

But, if you like the idea of spy software that tries it’s best to capture the most amount and widest range of data on your phone, doesn’t always do the best of jobs –but remains completely invisible 100% of the time- then Highster Mobile is definitely a safe bet.

  • Cost: Purchase lifetime license for a one-time fee of $69 (no additional charges! No monthly fees!)
  • Developer: Highster Mobile
  • Visit their website: http://www.highstermobile.com


#3 – mSpy spyphone software

mspy's spy app software
You’ve probably seen ads for mSpy everywhere, with ads putting messages out there like “uncover the truth,” or “the first spy app to … blah blah blah”

And I’ll admit, they do seem to have a lot of advertising budget.. but does that mean their software is any good?

Does mSpy live up to the hype? Do they put their money where their mouth is?

I’ll briefly review my findings with this software, so read on.

Here’s the deal:

mSpy is on some shaky ground with me lately.

When mSpy first came out a few years back, they definitely did so with style. They had a good looking dashboard, a fast website, and a good sales pitch, while my other top picks had been working fine for me, I was intrigued.

Then when I went to check-out so that I could test their software, I was brought to their check-out page.

This next part is crazy:

mSpy, on their Check-out page was displaying a number of really, really questionable “testimonials” from people they said were customers, As well as having badges saying “featured on CNN, BBC, etc..”

I was immediately skeptical, why? Because mSpy had only been out for 1 day, and there were absolutely no news articles about them yet.

Still though, I decided to go ahead, purchase it, and install it on my Android phone.

The results were this.

mSpy did capture some of what they claimed they could. Their software was able to spy on the common social media apps, as well as sms and photo capture. But what they didn’t do a good enough job of (and in my opinion still don’t,) is GPS tracking.

So that about sums it up for me.

mSpy is a great marketing company, but not the best spy phone company.

Most of their features do work, but some of the core ones like GPS tracking are just to shaky for my liking.

  • Cost: mSpy comes in three packages (Basic, Premium, and Business) priced from $40 to $500
  • Developer: Bitex Group LTD
  • Visit their website: http://www.mspy.com


Summing it up

I’ve tested many many sms tracking apps, free cell phone spy apps, the whole lot, and I can really recommend the three apps I listed above the most. If you were trying to look for how to spy on someone, and came across any of these apps, then the internet has done you justice, because yes, they really do work.

Even still, I HIGHLY recommend that you read my more in-depth reviews on each one of these apps before you make your final decision. Also, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact me.

Happy Spying,

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